27 September 2023 - Log Cabins and Summerhouses

Ian’s Log Cabin Style Summerhouse

Ian’s Log Cabin Style Summerhouse

Ian had always liked the idea of having a summerhouse in his garden, to use as a place to enjoy on a summer’s evening or to cosy up in during the colder winter months. However, he felt that his awkwardly shaped garden proved a problem, not making it possible. But that was before he found our Avon, the perfect garden building to create a log cabin style summerhouse.


Avon Log Cabin Style Summerhouse Garden Room

Making Better Use of Garden Space

Ian lives with his wife in a detached bungalow in Scarborough. The house has a fairly large, but sloping garden, making it difficult to build on. The aim of their renovation project was to make better use of their garden and outdoor space. They decided that a log cabin style summerhouse would be the ideal way to do this.

Due to the unpredictable British weather, Ian and his wife were keen to build a sheltered space in the garden, so they could make good use of it all year round. Building a summerhouse has provided them with an extra space outside of the house to use during inclement summers and cold winters. It is a fantastic addition to the end of their patio.

Choosing a Log Cabin Style Summerhouse

Thanks to his awkwardly shaped and uneven garden, Ian thought that fulfilling his dream of having a summerhouse was something that would never be able to happen. Fortunately for him, he found our Avon 3m x 3m Log Cabin. He decided that this was the perfect choice to meet both their needs and the shape of the garden space available to build on.

To optimise its use throughout the year, Ian chose a log cabin with 45mm interlocking tongue and groove wall logs and double glazed windows and doors. To make the summerhouse extra cosy, they also opted for additional roof and floor insulation. This helps to maintain the temperature inside and retain any generated heat.


Log Cabin Style Summerhouse Garden Lounge

Creating a Cosy Summerhouse

Ian is pleased with his new summerhouse, and now has somewhere to sit and relax in the garden to enjoy the flowers and surrounding wildlife. The garden log cabin is furnished with padded lounger chairs and cushions to sit in comfort, and large rugs on the floor for added cosiness. On the side is a small coffee table to rest a warming cuppa or refreshing drink. The exterior of the garden room is painted in a neutral light blue colour.

Once the log cabin was up and ready, Ian could not wait to use his new summerhouse. However, his two pet dachshunds have decided to make the log cabin style summerhouse their new home. The dogs seem to be getting more use out of it than Ian and his wife. They are out in the garden cabin at every opportunity, and particularly enjoy lying on the rug in front of the wide French doors to bathe in the sunshine.

View the video below to see the build process and final result of Ian’s log cabin summerhouse. You will also catch a glimpse of his lovable dachshunds too, who were there to supervise the installation.


We have a wide range of high quality log cabins for sale in varying sizes, shapes and designs to suit all gardens. Whether you’re after a traditional looking cabin, a contemporary garden room or a corner log cabin, if you need extra room in your home or want to extend your living area, we have the perfect solution. Our log cabin style summerhouses are ideal for use as man caves, garden offices, home gyms or garden retreats etc.