26 September 2023 - Garden Offices

Emily’s Nail Salon Garden Office Cabin

Emilys Nail Salon Garden Office Cabin


emily's garden office cabin

Emily’s a 23-year-old nail artist from Grimsby, who decided to start her very own business in December 2019. But unfortunately, lockdown hit, so she had to shut up shop. Emily decided giving up was not an option! And came up with the creative idea of purchasing a garden office directly from us. Her nail salon garden office cabin was born!

Now Emily’s had her garden office glammed up for a while, we went to check out how she was getting on. Here’s what she had to say: “I absolutely love my work; it is the coolest thing ever being able to turn a hobby into a successful career! Now I get the pleasure of working from home in a space that I’ve turned into my perfect little paradise”.

Original business plans & ideal business premises

Emily started out in her kitchen on a fold out table, which she quickly outgrew, knowing she needed much more space to work, with more considerable storage for all her gel polish (there was a lot!). It was a big issue!

Initially, Emily and her parents looked into converting the garage they had, but this wasn’t going to work as it wasn’t going to be insulated enough among other things. She decided it needed to be bigger and better, so she took her friends advice and went on Dunster House garden offices as we offered everything she needed for her business.

Emily decided the time was now as her business was quickly expanding and growing, so she needed a space which would grow with the demand she was getting. She wanted to tick many boxes that customers love. Like, privacy and comfort.

The idea of creating her own nail salon in her garden was also offering the perfect separation between work life and home life. It gave her that place aside from home, which was exactly like owning a shop on the high street and then going back home.

Emily is extremely happy with her new workspace and says that investing in a garden building has been one of, if not the best decision she has ever made! Now she has no rental space fees or large overheads, allowing her to invest more money back into the business, which is going to help her thrive and provide more success in the future.

Helena garden office cabin   Helena garden office cabin

Why did Emily choose a Helena over one of our other Garden Offices?

She chose the Helena Insulated Garden Office as the floor plan offered the perfect fit for the desk/workspace she wanted, and it still allowed for a reception (waiting area) away from the treatment area, giving it a professional feel. The windows and doors let lots of natural light in, which made it feel bright and airy for her clients.

Emily also loved the idea of having the view of her pretty garden for her and clients to look out in to. So as Cinderella would say, the shoe fit! It was the perfect size for the space she had to work with, it couldn’t have been more perfect!

The building process

Firstly, Emily got a local builder to lay a raised concrete base for the studio to sit on. She then got two strong men, meaning dad and grandad, to build it for her, (don’t blame you Emily). It took them no longer than 1 week to get the garden building finished, so luckily, she wasn’t out of work for too long! She also decided to have the walls plastered with another local company. This meant she was able to paint the walls funky colours and change it up easily. Emily has also dressed her room with lots of different plants so when the room is not being used for nails, it’s a part time greenhouse!

Watch the video below to explore more of Emily’s dream garden office cabin, where she makes a living as a nail artist!

If you work from home, run your own business, or are planning to start up a new venture, take a look at our wide range of Log Cabins and Garden Offices to give you a helping hand. A garden building is the ideal solution for creating business premises tailored to you or your company. Create your own comfortable and stylish workspace, where you can maintain the perfect balance between your professional and home life. You can live your dream life, just like Emily with her nail salon garden office cabin.