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27 September 2023 - Log Cabins and Summerhouses

Neil’s Garden Pub Shed Log Cabin

Neil’s Garden Pub Shed Log Cabin

Neil renovated his garden into a place to enjoy with friends and family by installing his own home bar. He did this by turning his Severn 5m x 3m Log Cabin into a pub shed and garden retreat, named The Cock In Cider.


Garden Pub Shed Log Cabin Home Bar - Dunster House Severn 5m x 3m


Use of outdoor space

Neil, who lives in a small village near Evesham with his wife and elderly father, relocated from the city with a view to retiring. When he moved to his current property, he found the garden massively overgrown and underutilised. He felt the space had a lot more potential that it just wasn’t fulfilling.

After living at the house for just over a year, he took the opportunity during lockdown to transform his outdoor area. This meant that he and the family could still go out even when all the restaurants, bars and pubs remained closed. It was the perfect time for him to complete his garden project.

The large garden is very open and receives lots of sunlight. So Neil wanted to put the space to good use. He wanted it to be an expanded area of his home for entertainment, with a bar as the main focus. The decision was that a log cabin would be the ideal addition to the garden. A garden cabin would be somewhere where all their friends could get together and have fun. It also provides him with somewhere he can go to enjoy his retirement.


Log Cabin Pub Shed Garden Bar and Chill Out Room

The log cabin layout

The log cabin is split into two halves, so they can have a chill out area as well as a pub shed. It is decked out with a leather sofa, small coffee table, wall mounted television, and room for the dog to rest in their bed too. In the corner of the cabin sits Neil’s electric drum kit and amplifier, where he can play to destress. It is the perfect place for a spot of relaxation, and also doubles up as a space to work from home when needed.

The pub shed half is complete with a hand-crafted bar, fridges, storage shelves and wine rack. And of course, is fully stocked up with booze. There is also a dart board with light on the wall to add another element of entertainment. The enclosed log cabin building provides a garden bar that can be used all year round as it is indoors.

Neil could not be happier with his new log cabin and garden bar. He is so happy to have somewhere to just have fun and enjoy life. It has become a focal point for visitors. Neil says that bookings are pouring in from around the village for people to come by for some drinks at his new pub shed.

View the full video below to hear all about how Neil transformed his garden into the perfect space to socialise and relax.

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