26 September 2023 - Log Cabins and Summerhouses

Sam Bailey’s Pub Shed – Eddie’s Bar

Sam Baileys Pub Shed Eddies Bar

Eddies Bar is now open! Sam Bailey has completely transformed the Severn Log cabin 5m x 3m into one awesome looking pub shed at the bottom of the garden. Eddie’s Bar is dedicated and named after her husband’s late father. With a jam packed pub shed like this, featuring a dart board, every beverage you could think of and full entertainment on the big screen TV, Sam really doesn’t need to go to any other pub but her own.

Choosing a Log Cabin

The Log Cabin that Sam chose is the Severn, as it was the ideal size for her garden and enough space inside to make it into her ideal pub shed. The wall thickness on Sam’s Severn is 45mm thickness, which is suitable for all year round use.

Severn 5x3 Log Cabin

Sam and her family all had great fun from the day they received their log cabin kit. They started the build of it immediately. Once her husband Craig and others completed the build, they went onto painting the exterior with the help of her little ones. The exterior of the pub is pure white, with the fascia board, window and door frames a rich navy colour.

Sam Bailey's Pub Shed Log Cabin

Sam Bailey’s Pub Shed

She says on Twitter The pub is coming along nicely!!! This is the Severn log cabin by @dunsterhouseltd it was up in 3 days, painted inside and out. Just got to get electrics in and then it’s ready for a bar to be built and carpet and furniture can go in!”

There were many personal touches that Sam added to the garden building, with some flower beds under each window, outdoor lights and a personalised pub sign. She then moved onto the inside of the cabin by adding the electrics, bar, mini fridges and more!

Now the pub shed is all complete and ready for Sam and her family to enjoy! She posted many photos of the inside of her pub shed on Instagram and captioned it Eddie’s bar is OPEN!!! So proud of everyone involved in the process!! Thank you to you all!!”

Inside Sam Bailey's Pub Shed Log Cabin

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