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Do you offer an Installation Service?

We offer an installation service on a number of our garden buildings, please check individual products to confirm. WE USE OUR OWN SPECIALLY TRAINED WORK FORCE AND NOT SUB CONTRACTORS. This service is available within most areas of Mainland UK (England, Wales, Scotland), Some exceptions apply. Please see our website or contact us for full details of our installation areas. We do not carry out painting/treating. We do not offer Base work (except when our PremiumPlus RapidPad™ Foundation system is purchased). We will not install 3rd party or customer provided electrics. The majority of our products do not include electrics, with the exception of some Garden Office ranges.


Installation Terms and Conditions


1.       Building Regulations

By purchasing this product you have answered the Building Regulation questions as follows:

If you believe that the answers to the above question/s should be different, please contact us as soon as possible to cancel the order.

 2.       Delivery:

2.1     Time shall not be of the essence in this contract.

2.2     As we operate throughout England and Wales over large areas between depots, we cannot give timed deliveries. We will contact you to advise and arrange a suitable delivery date.

2.3     Please ensure that someone with the authority to accept the goods is available all day on the day of delivery. Should we arrive and no-one is present to accept the goods we will wait for 15 minutes and make attempt to contact you by phone but after this time will leave a note and leave site and an attempted delivery/installation fee will be charged.

2.4     You must advise us if there are access difficulties. We generally deliver with a 7.5 Ton HGV flat bed truck. Depending upon the size and wall thickness a product can typically weigh between 1.0 and 4.0 tonnes. If we try to deliver, using this vehicle, and cannot do so due to foreseeable problems such as access restrictions, width of road etc. then we will charge you for that attempted delivery unless you have given us prior written notice that this type of vehicle will not be capable of delivering to your site.

2.5     If you wish us to offload the product on your premises, we need an access route/road capable of safely and easily taking a vehicle 8 metres long and 2.6 metres wide. Please also ensure that there are no obstructions (eg sharp corners, gates, walls and trees).  Damage to lawns, flower beds, driveways etc. adjacent to a narrow or difficult access route will be the responsibility of the Customer.

2.6     We require that you provide legal parking facilities for all Dunster House Ltd vehicles for the duration of the work carried out. If roadside parking is chargeable it is the responsibility of the Customer to provide parking permits or pay for parking as necessary.

2.7     We will generally off load the product/s at kerbside and then carry them near to the installation position for the product. We will need unobstructed and safe access to a clear working area for our installation staff adjacent to the installation position for the product.

2.8     We do not carry items through a customer’s decorated building, e.g. a house. We will carry items through an outbuilding such as a garage where possible. It is up to the customer to remove anything from the outbuilding that could be damaged e.g. whilst large pieces of timber are carried through. In the event that the only route available is to carry the items through a customer’s decorated building you must make us aware of this so that we can arrange to deliver the goods before the date of installation (at no extra cost) for you to carry from kerbside through the building prior to our installation team arriving on a later day (typically the following day).

2.9   All reasonable care will be exercised in carrying out the delivery, but we do not carry out a survey of your site prior to the installation, and it is your responsibility to risk assess and protect the site and access route.

2.10     The maximum distance from the offload point to the installation site shall be no greater than 100 metres.

2.11   If we have attempted delivery but been unable to do so due to any reason above, an attempted delivery fee will be charged.  The attempted delivery fee would represent the true cost of a delivery. Please note: the delivery cost noted on an order/invoice does not show the true cost of delivery in the vast majority of cases, it is very likely that the actual cost will be significantly higher than this value.

2.12   If items are missing please make a note of this on the delivery note or we will be unable to replace them, we will deliver any missing items within a reasonable timeframe & this is not grounds for cancelling an order.

2.13   Our Drivers are not authorised to accept changes to our Delivery Notes or our Terms & Conditions or give technical help.

2.14   Every attempt will be made to ensure delivery is upon the promised date, however unexpected delays can occur. In the unlikely event that these affect your delivery, we will reorganise your delivery date within a reasonable period of time.

 3.       Health and Safety & the Space required around the Garden Building

We place great emphasis on Health and Safety and will carry out a Generic Risk Assessment upon arrival on the day of installation.

3.1     To ensure that your site is suitable please check the following statements are true for your site:

PLEASE NOTE This does NOT apply to Thatched Gazebos, Greenhouses, Lienne Garden Offices or Alexander Garden Offices where only 600mm is required to each side and back. For clarity, Greenhouse/Shed Combis DO require the spaces as illustrated due to the shed part. These spaces are required to give our installers enough space for fall landing bags as they will be working on the roof of your Garden Building during assembly. This will also give you room to apply treatment to your Garden Building (if not pressure treated) when we have completed the Installation. The measurements are from the wall not the roof overhang.
Side view: Wall With Eave
Side view: Wall with Apex
Hexagonal Roof = Eaves all round
Apex on two sides, Eaves front & back
Eaves on two sides, Apex front & back
Pyramid or Hipped roof = Eaves all round


3.2     Should our installers be unable to continue working due to a breach of these terms they may be removed from site to return at a later date. If this occurs additional costs will be due.

3.3     The customer as the site owner/occupier may be liable should anything occur upon the site which is outside of our control and results in injury. Please check your household insurance to ensure that you are covered for such eventualities.

 4.       Treatment

4.1     Exposed untreated timbers should be treated with an appropriate timber preservative finish immediately after installation. This is not part of our installation service even if you have bought the painted on treatment from us.

4.2     Please periodically treat your product within the timeframes specified for the treatment you are using. You do not need to treat Pressure treated products for the first 10 years. Pressure treated products should not be buried or in contact with water for prolonged periods.

 5.       Location of Garden Building and Orientation of Doors, Windows, options etc.

5.1     Our installers will install the building in the location and orientation clearly identified by you, the customer, or your agent as they arrive on site.

5.2     If you are not on site at any time during the build when the location of the building or parts of the building needs to be decided then the installers will use their best judgement about where to assemble these items.

5.3     We will NOT reposition items if you identify different locations once the garden building or parts of the garden building are part or fully built.

 6.       Base Preparation

If you have NOT bought one of our Premier, Deluxe or Deluxlite RapidPad Foundation systems then prior to us commencing work on site you will need to have built a suitable base.

6.1     Your base needs to be level (+/-1cm across it’s length and/or width) and of a sufficient size.

6.2     Your base needs to be sufficiently hard for our installers to work upon safely; if you are laying a concrete base we suggest that you give it at least 3 days to harden prior to installation commencing.

6.3     When our installers arrive on site we will check the level and size of the base and whether or not it is sufficiently hard for our installers to be able to safely work on. If we find the base is not correct in any of these ways we will discuss this with you and either ask you to sign a disclaimer to allow us to continue work, if possible, or charge you for the delay caused and return on another date once the problems have been rectified.

6.4     We do not inspect the suitability of your base to support the building without ground movement. We do not check the integrity of the base. Our Installers are not engineers. Any problems with the products that arise from inadequate support from the base are the responsibility of the customer.

6.5     For Guidance on how to build a base see our ‘Base Preparation Guidelines’ which are enclosed.

 7.       RapidPad Site Survey

If you HAVE bought one of our Premier, Deluxe or Deluxlite RapidPad Foundation systems then prior to us commencing work on site you will need to have surveyed the site to ensure it is suitable for this system.

7.1     Your ground must be capable of withstanding a pressure of 17 Kpa – this assumes a weight of around 200kg per RapidPad (Normally sufficient for the building and it’s contents unless the contents are unusually heavy). Dependent upon foot traffic there is the potential for some dynamic movement also.

7.2     There is a total of 110mm of adjustment within the RapidPads.

7.3     If your site is either; only soil/grass, or, only hard standing; then the entirety of your site under the proposed Garden Building must be within 110mm downwards of a level line which will be the height of the bottom of the bearers.

7.4     If your site consists of part soil/grass and part hard standing such as concrete, this will reduce the adjustability of the RapidPads as the ones on top of the Hard Standing cannot be dug in by 40mm and so this requires your site to be within 70mm downwards of a level line.

7.5     When our installers arrive on site we will check the site is level across the full length/width within the limits outlined above. If we find it is not we will discuss this with you and ask you to either sign a disclaimer to allow us to move soil and build up the areas if possible and within certain time limits, or charge you for the delay caused and return on another date once the problems have been rectified.

7.6     We do not inspect the suitability of your ground to support the RapidPad and Building without ground movement. Any problems with the products that arise from inadequate support from the ground are the responsibility of the customer.

7.7     For Guidance on how to check the suitability of your site for RapidPads see our ‘RapidPad Site Survey’ which is enclosed.

 8.       Additional Costs

8.1     If we are delayed or have to leave site for ANY reason (except 8.3) not directly caused by Dunster House Ltd (including breaches to these terms such as attempted delivery or delays due to inadequate access, insufficient/restricted storage or working space, health and safety concerns, base problems etc) all reasonable costs incurred will be charged to and accepted by the Customer (including time, subsistence, distance and vehicle costs), and payment will be required before we re-commence work.

8.2     A typical charge for 1 lost installation day for a two man installation team can be £450, for a three man team £650, etc; a typical attempted delivery cost can be £150 + 45p per mile one way. These charges will vary and reflect our costs in each case.

8.3     We assess the weather conditions during the installation process.  If, in our reasonable view, conditions do not allow installation to continue, we may leave site and return at a later date to complete the work. In these circumstances any additional time taken will be at our cost.

 9.       Payment

9.1    Payment must be made in full in cleared funds prior to delivery.

 10.       Cancellation of pre-agreed installation date

10.1     We book installation dates in advance for customer convenience and to ensure economical use of staff and vehicles to provide you with the price you have paid. By cancelling a pre-agreed date you reduce our ability to economise our overheads and therefore will incur charges to compensate for this.

10.2     Charges for cancellation or re-arrangement of a pre-agreed installation date are as follows:

5 working days’ notice is £50.00

4 working days’ notice is £100.00

3 working days’ notice is £150.00

2 working days’ notice is £200.00

1 working day notice is £250.00

10.3     Due to the nature of ‘Building Works’ we are unable to guarantee any specific start or completion dates.

 11.     Completion of Installation

11.1   Nails and screws will be secured so that they do not protrude, excess materials and rubbish such as: roofing materials, timbers, screws etc, will be removed from site. The windows, doors and optional shutters, skylight etc will open and close and operate normally at the time the installation is completed.

11.2   On completion of the installation the building must be inspected with our Senior Installer and the Customer (or Customer’s representative, acting as the Customer’s Agent).  At the same time or before our Installation Team leaves the site, the Customer (or agent) will be given a Completion Certificate to sign (copy enclosed).  Once this has been done the job is complete and deemed to have been finished to a satisfactory standard.

11.3   If at the completion of the installation, the Customer or Customer’s Agent are not on site to inspect the installed product/s and sign the Completion Certificate, our Installation Team will leave site. As no-one was on site, this is a breach of contract on the part of the Customer, so any alleged problems will only be inspected on a chargeable basis.

 12.     Maintenance

12.1   The characteristics of timber are not those of extruded plastics, aluminium or other metals and will change with time and environment conditions. If you are not competent in understanding the nature of these types of timbers and the need for maintenance when used in an external environment, as their properties are different when used externally compared to internally, then please do not purchase our products.

12.2   Timber is a natural product and the building will ‘settle’.  As a result splits, cracks and movement of timbers will always occur after installation, and adjustments may become necessary (including adjustments to; the doors and windows as they may drop, expand, contract and warp; filling in any cracks that may appear between plasterboards; refitting storm braces as the building settles, pushing down wall logs that may not settle due to friction or customer additions, etc).  Such adjustments and/or repairs are not part of the installation service and should be carried out by the customer. Please see the important and maintenance sections in these terms and our FAQ section on our web-site for further details on the properties of timber. Alternatively, Dunster House Ltd may be able to carry out such work strictly on a chargeable basis.

12.3   You may find the remedies to maintenance issues within the installation manual for the product. If the information is not available here then you can contact our customer services team at

 13.     Your Right to Cancel: (Sold at a Distance)

13.1   Unless the customer has visited one of our show sites or exhibitions, customers who order by telephone, mail order or on-line have the right to cancel any order (excluding any bespoke, made to order, or one off items, for example an Alexander or Lienne Garden Office).

13.2   This right to cancel ends on whichever the sooner is of either: the expiry of a period of 7 working days after the order has been placed or; the performance of the services has begun with the customer’s agreement, E.g. we will ring you to book an installation date and if you agree to this date we will allocate resources to you meaning the performance of the services has begun with your agreement and this right to cancel has ended.

13.3   Any notification of cancellation must be made in writing, either by post to Dunster House Ltd. Caxton Road, Bedford, MK41 0LF, or email to

13.4   If the customer makes any alterations to the goods such as treating them they will be deemed to have been accepted and not subject to cancellation.

13.5   The goods must be returned in their original condition (unassembled) as at the time of delivery.

13.6   Returned goods will be inspected and refunds will take place within 30 days after the items have been returned.

13.7   Refunds may be subject to a fee covering any reasonable costs incurred by the Company such as attempted delivery/installation costs in the case of previous failed delivery/installation attempts, cost of items not returned in original condition, installation fee etc.

13.8   Should you wish for us to collect the goods, any collections will take place from Kerbside with reasonable access granted to the Company and a charge will be made to the customer to cover the cost of this, this charge will reflect the true cost of collecting the goods.

13.9   You can also make your own arrangements, should you wish, to return the Goods at your own cost and risk. A 'Sales Return Note' must be issued for this method of return. Your statutory rights are not affected.

 14.     Rectifying defects

14.1   Should any defect occur with the product within a reasonable period after delivery/installation please contact us in writing, either by post to Dunster House Ltd. Caxton Road, Bedford, MK41 0LF, or email to

14.2   Please note that any problems that occur due to the natural properties of the materials are not defects; please see ‘important’ section and ‘maintenance’ section for more information, although this information is not extensive.

14.3   We will request photos of any alleged defect to determine its cause prior to rectification.

14.4   Where the alleged defect is deemed to be the customers fault for any reason eg. unsuitable base/site, poor maintenance or misuse of product any rectification will be chargeable to the customer.

14.5   Should a defect occur which is the fault of the Company, the Company will at its discretion and cost decide whether it is more economical to replace, repair or refund.

14.6   Should you request an inspection for alleged defects that fall outside of our published descriptions and reasonable actions then we will make reasonable charges for that service which will be payable prior to the inspection taking place.

14.7   If you do not give us a reasonable opportunity to rectify any defect we will not reimburse you if you choose to rectify it yourself or with a third party.

 15.     Cancellation by us:

15.1   Your order might be cancelled if the goods you ordered were listed at an incorrect price due to a typographical error or an error in the pricing information received by us from our supplier.

15.2   Dunster House ltd may cancel the order after a period of 3 months has elapsed since date of order providing that we have offered at least 3 different delivery dates and these dates have been refused by the customer.

15.3   If we do cancel your order we will notify you in writing and will refund you within a reasonable period of time. We will not be obliged to offer any additional compensation for disappointment suffered.

 16.     Important:

16.1   All our Timber products are batch manufactured, sometimes weeks before delivery. All timbers are checked for the standards we have set before we band the various packs. Between the assembly time and the despatch/delivery time timbers will continue to adjust, sometimes more evident in pressure treated sections, to their natural properties. This can be seen in any timber yard supplying Spruce or Pine. Timber products once assembled on site will continue to react to weather conditions and the internal environment within the building, due to the fibrous nature of the material. Wood is a natural product and all trees are different with different properties. These properties can include colour differences, warping, shakes, splits, knots and knot holes and varying surface finishes and are part of the natural properties of this type of material. Our timber is planed and relatively smooth (there can be some hit and miss in the planing process). If you require a smoother finish you may wish to sand some of the timbers, but this is an individual choice. Shakes/splits and similar are allowed for in the integrity of the timber and cannot be guaranteed against.

16.2   The development, appearance and consequence of the natural properties of timber are not a defect of the goods. We supply timber products designed for external garden use and such designs take into account the structural integrity of timber's natural properties. Sometimes deep and wide shakes and cracks can appear unsightly but we have calculated for these in our designs. In some cases customers have contacted us about perceived surface problems which can be easily resolved by simply sanding the affected area. In such cases we advise and would expect a customer to do so.

16.3   We supply many thousands of our products each year to many satisfied customers who understand the beauty of a natural material and the quality of our timber compared to the industry norm is high, please read some of Testimonials on our website home page, you can also view our products at our display. It is also true to say that we do have some service queries from customers who subsequently try to change our Terms and apply standards and conditions that we do not offer or supply. Please contact us prior to your delivery if you have any queries about the timber that we supply.

16.4   If it is your intention to organise for a third party to assemble any of our products please ensure that the products have been physically delivered and that you have all parts of sufficient quality for the product. Check that all parts are present and correct so that in the unlikely event that parts may be missing, wrong or damaged you ensure we have reasonable time* to arrange for delivery of new parts before confirming an assembly date or prior to engaging a third party to carry out any installation. (*Please note that reasonable time would typically be within one to two weeks assuming replacement parts are in stock, however if we have to back order or manufacture parts then the time frame will be longer). Should you use a third party to carry out any part of the installation please ensure that you give them sufficient time to familiarise themselves with and check the materials and instructions supplied before committing with them to an installation date.

16.5   Should you use a third party to carry out any assembly of our goods and in the event that some of the timbers are warped and prove difficult to assemble, competent manipulation e.g. light wetting, sensible weight application and slowly (over a few days if necessary) heating or cooling can overcome the majority of warping to allow the product to be assembled. Any machine work on sections will have been carried out whilst the timber sections are Kiln Dried to approximately 18% moisture content. Where holes have been predrilled they may require re-drilling onsite to allow assembly if the timber has absorbed more moisture after machining.

16.6   Sizes shown throughout our website are approximations and should be interpreted as such.

17.     Reaching Us:

17.1   If you need to reach us, prior to delivery please

         call us on: 01234 272 445 or

         fax us on: 01234 272 588 or

         write to us at:

         Dunster House Ltd

         Caxton Road

         Elms Farm Industrial Estate



         MK41 0LF

         United Kingdom or

         call in to one of our show rooms.


17.2   For all post-delivery enquires please write to us detailing your query through either: e-mail at or post your enquiry to Dunster House Ltd, Caxton Road, Bedford, MK41 0LF. This will enable us to comprehend your query and respond appropriately and professionally.

Please refer to our website for Customer Services opening times.

18.     Privacy Policy:

18.1   We are committed to protecting your privacy. We will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully (in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998).

18.2   We do not disclose buyers’ information to third parties.

18.3   We will give you the chance to refuse any marketing email from us in the future, if you wish to do so please e-mail with the subject line ’STOP’ to

18.4   The type of information we will collect about you will include:

-        your name

-        address

-        phone number

-        email address

-        credit/debit card details in some but not all cases and always in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

18.5   The personal information which we hold will be held securely in accordance with our internal security policy and the law.

18.6   We will not transfer your data outside of the EEA (European Economic Area).

18.7   Cookies are used on our shopping site to keep track of the contents of your shopping cart once you have selected an item, to store delivery addresses if the address book is used and to store your details if you select the ’Remember Me’ option. You can usually modify your browser to prevent this happening however this will mean you will not be able to use the shop element of the site. The information collected in this way can be used to identify you if you do not modify your browser settings. If you have any questions/comments about privacy, you should contact us.

 19.     Credit Card Security

Our form pages are secured using High Level 128-bit SSL Encryption. Credit card payments are processed by SagePay (formally Protx) using secure servers. All credit card numbers are encrypted in the software when the order is placed and are only decrypted after they reach our computer. They are not held in clear text on any web site. We will seek to verify all card transactions against the cardholders address. We cannot process any card payments over the telephone unless the card is registered to the delivery address.

 20.     Invalidity/Severability

If any term or other provision of this Agreement is determined to be invalid, illegal or incapable of being enforced by any rule or law, or public policy it will be severed from the Agreement. All other terms and provisions of this Agreement shall nevertheless remain in full force and effect.


These Installation Terms and Conditions replace our standard Terms and Conditions, and can only be amended in writing by a Director of the Company.