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Does the Log Cabin need to be treated and how can I maintain its beauty?
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Log Cabins are supplied untreated to enable you to decorate and finish it to your own individual style and tastes. The only part of the cabins that is pre-treated are the bearers, which are pressure treated for longer life.


It is strongly advised that you treat your log cabin after you construct it, and periodically after that in order to maintain and prolong it's beauty and life. Timber is a natural product that will contract and expand in varying weather conditions. If left untreated it will deteriorate.


We offer treatments in a range of colour choices that can be purchased as an optional extra for your log cabin. See individual product pages for full details and prices.




As soon as you have fully assembled your cabin you should treat the timber with a suitable timber coating. Regular inspection and maintenance of your cabin will prolong its use. Please refer to the coating manufacturers guidelines for usage and maintenance.




All log cabins settle within the first few months. Moisture content in the logs will also change from season to season, and with use, which will cause expansion and contraction of the wall logs. This is a natural occurrence which can be limited by the application of an exterior treatment. Please do not fix anything to the logs that may restrict the natural movement of them.


Storm Braces

log cabin installation - Storm Braces

Cabins come with storm braces (wooden battens, fixed to the cabin with coach bolts). It may be necessary to release the tension from the top coach bolt to allow the storm brace to move freely. This should be checked regularly throughout the life of your cabin to help prevent gaps between the logs.


Additional Weathering


In some locations you can increase the weatherproofing of your cabin. The following areas can be sealed AFTER the cabin has been coated:

Silicone sealants can be purchased in any good DIY stores. Please check and apply during the life of your log building as necessary.

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