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Dreaming about the perfect Gazebo to shelter a Hot Tub
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  • Product: Utopia 300 Gazebo
  • Category: Gazebos
  • Year Purchased: 2013
  • Tags: Recreation

Dreaming about the perfect Gazebo to shelter a Hot Tub

gazebo with hot tub in the garden

Nick and Patricia Byrne live in Hampshire and they were thrilled when they laid their eyes on our elegant and stylish Utopia 300 Gazebo and knew that they had found exactly what they were looking for.

Enjoying the Hot Tub all year round

The main reasons for purchasing a Gazebo were in Nick and Patricia's own words: "To give a degree of protection from rain when we are using our hot tub in the garden."

The Gazebo helped the couple to solve the problem of protection from the elements whilst enabling them to still have easy access into and out of the hot tub.

Even though this was just a protective solution, the couple still had a lot of expectations regarding the product. According to Nick, some characteristics were truly mandatory: "Aesthetically pleasing, robust construction, durable, and value for money."

Choosing a Dunster House product

Nick and Patricia just found our beautiful Utopia Gazebo online and their decision was final.

"We found the Gazebo online and quickly realised that it suited our requirements perfectly - the size, height and price ticked all the boxes; having seen it on your website, we didn't bother looking elsewhere - we just went straight ahead and ordered it."

The fortunate couple was beyond themselves with happiness. Not only were they in love with the product from the very beginning but the whole process of acquiring it was impeccable. "The whole buying process was faultless, perfect in every way - right from our initial enquiry through to delivery."

gazebo with hot tub in the garden

The Building Process

For Nick the building process was very easy and forthright. He had enough time to build the Gazebo in his own pace. "Construction was pretty straightforward and took about 4 days in total. Clear and easy-to-follow instructions made the building process simple."

Not only was there a design in mind for the space but actually Nick had envisioned something very similar to our original design. "Yes, I had designed something almost identical to what we finally purchased from Dunster House and was going to build it myself!"

Perfect in every aspect

Nick and Patricia are truly happy with the finished project and they don't even have a favourite aspect, they just love it all. "The Gazebo does everything we need it to (we can enjoy the use of our hot tub all year round), and it blends in well with the tub and the garden itself."

Other people's reaction and comments were unsurprisingly flattering. "Comments have been very favourable, and people have been impressed by how good the canopy looks over the hot tub."

When asked if they would buy from Dunster House again and would consider recommending the company to family and friends the answer was "Definitely! On both counts!"

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