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Features of a Contemporary Garden Office

What are the features of our Dunster House Contemporary Garden Offices?


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Pressure Treated Bearers


All of our garden buildings have pressure treated floor bearers as standard. This treatment prevents the timber bearers from rotting for up to 10 years and causing your garden building to sink. Pressure treatment forces the wood preservative into the timber rather than simply dip treating (essentially just covering the exterior) like many companies still do. Who wants to have to annually deconstruct and re-treat the bearers each year?!


Due to this costly but effective process we can offer our customers a genuine 10-year guarantee against rot and insect infestation on the bearers.  We do however recommend applying a good quality water repellent to the timber to prolong the longevity of the timber. Shockingly many of our competitors still offer untreated bearers to keep their costs down, so beware!


Customisable exterior design


These unique and sophisticated offices allow you to customise your finish, selecting your favourite exterior design from a range of options. Cladding plays an important role in the protection and overall appearance of the garden building, but it also ensures that it will be an attractive feature and a focal point in your garden, blending in perfectly with its surroundings.


The options available in our range include both modern as well as a more traditional look with our authentic Tudor style. The modern style includes a resin based wood material, which provides our customers the option to choose from a range of different colour paints. This is also a very low maintenance and highly protective material, as it doesn’t need to be painted (except for decoration) and is highly resistant to rot and decay.




garden office interior

Compact design


The Contemporary Garden Offices offer a compact and practical solution for home workers and those looking to create a small studio, whether to use it as a workshop or a hobbies room. Available in 3 different sizes always with the same width of 2.2 metres; 2.2m, 2.8m and 3.4m these offices are ideal for contemporary sized gardens.



Fully Insulated


The offices are fully insulated, for a comfortable year round use. The roof is comprised of a 50mm insulated sandwich panel with the option to add shingles at an additional cost. The 50mm insulated walls will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and we use wood board in the office interior to provide a quality internal finish and for final decoration by the householder. The sturdy 70mm floor is made of Insulated SIP floor panels and pressure treated floor bearers. These bearers include a 10 year guarantee against rot and insect infestation.  

Garden Offices Floor Insulation




0.7 W/m2K


0.65 W/m2K


0.38 W/m2K







For more information on U-Values, please see our help page


Easy to build and secure


Our Contemporary Garden Offices are also very easy to build, as we use a panelised system where all the panels simply slot together. This will enable you to build the office in just a weekend with the help of a friend.

log cabin garden office door mechanism


Another special feature of these offices and a great advantage from the customer’s point of view is the 9 point-locking system in the door. The benefit is clear as these garden buildings will be highly secure and you can rest assured that all of your belongings are safe and well protected.


Finally, these bright offices come with large double glazed PVCu windows to allow plenty of sunlight in. The windows and doors will also include a range of different colours for you to choose from and pick the perfect combination to add even more style and elegance to your garden office.


Avoid Planning Permission


All the Contemporary Garden Offices are under 2.5m so that under permitted development rights you can place the building within 2m of a boundary if you wish to. Please be aware that any building over 2.5m high needs to be placed over 2m away from any boundary. If you want to find out more about planning permission click here



Fixing Pack Included


As with all of our products, we provide you with all the screws/nails/other fixings required to assemble your Contemporary Garden office as per our instructions. There’s no need to worry about making any extra trips to your local DIY store to purchase any of these, they’re all in the pack!

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