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Garden Bar Shed Ideas

Miss visiting your local pub? Could you do with a change of setting to relax with a cool beer or cheeky cocktail? With staying in being the new going out, turn the garden into the new ‘out-out’ venue! Wondering how? Well, we have news… we have just launched a new range of Garden Bars and Pub Sheds! Log cabins and gazebos made for the perfect pub or bar setting to suit your needs and wants. 

Set up the dream pub in the corner of the garden with our selection of pub sheds. There are three different sizes and styles but all come with a stylish, crafted log bar meaning the bar is open on day one!

Log Bar 

Maybe you prefer something open, a space to admire your garden and enjoy the outdoors. The range doesn’t just stop at log cabins, there are Gazebo Bars in the mix too - chunky, slim, cornered, you name it and again all with a hand crafted log bar. 

Enough of the fluff, let’s show you the range and some of our garden bar and pub shed ideas! 

Pub Shed Ideas

Avon Pub Shed 

The Avon, the cutest log cabin of the range, fit for even the smallest of gardens. Don’t feel you have to miss out on the garden fun just because you have a smaller garden than average. This 3m x 3m garden room slots snug into any corner giving you that little extra space for your very own pub shed. 

Avon Pub Shed

Severn Pub Shed 

The Severn, is an all time classic designed for the perfect pub with a central entrance and wide opening welcoming french doors. Welcome all your punters day, night, weekday or weekend. Being 5m x 3m there is amples of room for a sofa, TV, games and more! 

Severn Pub Shed

Terminator Pub Shed 

The Terminator, the perfect addition to add a modern, stylish touch to the garden. With the Terminator, you don’t just get a 24 hour pub shed, you add a focal point like no other to the garden. A cosy size, 4m x 3m, to sit within any corner of the garden, again enough space to add extras to personalise it and make it suitable for you and your family. 

Terminator Pub Shed

Atlas Garden Bar Gazebo 

The Atlas, the chunkiest gazebo of them all, adding character to your seating area and open bar. Shake up your favourite cocktails whilst admiring the beauty of the garden under the Atlas Gazebo.

Atlas Gazebo Bar

Utopia Garden Bar Gazebo

The Utopia, known for it’s sleek minimalistic design giving you free rein to add your own touch to the gazebowith lights, plants, hanging baskets etc. Keep your bar open all year round with the Utopia Gazebo.

Utopia Garden Bar

Centaur Garden Bar Gazebo 

The Centaur, is designed for the corner but still gives the whole garden an admirable statement piece. Cosy up in the evening with a glass of wine, and enjoy the perfect date night, or get the family out for dinner at the outdoor bar! 

Centaur Gaden Gazebo

For more inspiration visit our gallery where we showcase an array of different other bar ideas, man caves and more!

Garden Bar Ideas

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