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Ed's Garden Music Room and Home Office

Ed needed a space to work at home where he could be free from any distractions, so invested in a garden office. As well as using the garden building as a home office, he has transformed the other half into a garden music room for leisure purposes.

View Ed's Garden Music Room Home Office

Garden Music Room and Home Office - Dunster House Helena Garden Office 5.4m x 3.3m

The need for a Garden Office

Ed mainly works from home, and has been doing so for the last couple of years. However, he was finding it hard to work with all the distractions in the home, so knew he needed a garden office. There just wasn’t really enough room inside the house to set up a comfortable workspace with everything Ed needed to do his job. There also wasn’t enough peace and quiet to allow him to fully concentrate on his work. But he had plenty of garden space to build a dedicated office and hobby room.

Ed chose the Helena Garden Office Left 5.4m x 3.3m, as it ticked all the boxes for what he needs, from both a work perspective and for his recreational hobby of drumming. It fits perfectly into the spacious garden, creating a peaceful place to work that is separate from the family. During working hours, he can benefit from uninterrupted calls and disruption free virtual meetings. Nobody bothers Ed when he is in his garden office, he is left to work in peace, but everyone knows where he is if they need him. The garden room has provided Ed with the opportunity to gain the perfect balance between his home and work life.

Garden Music Room and Home Office - Desk, Computer, Work SpaceGarden Music Room Home Office - Drum Kit

Doubling up as a Garden Music Room

The office half of Ed’s garden room is equipped with a couple of computer screens, a laptop, desk, printer, cupboard filled with books and things, and space for all his paperwork. The building also doubles up as his own personal man cave, as on the other side is Ed’s garden music room, where he keeps his drum kit.

The garden music room and home office is wired up to an electrical supply and has internet cables running into it. A heater and air con unit is installed for year-round use in all temperatures. The garden building is fully insulated in the walls, roof and floor, which helps to maintain the temperature inside, so it is cool enough in the summer and warm enough in the winter.

Ed spends a lot of time out in his garden office so has made the room as comfortable as he possibly can. This helps improve efficiency and productivity whilst working, especially as there are now no distractions around. It is all painted and decorated inside, and fitted with carpet for a snug cosy feel. Overall, Ed is pleased with his new home office and garden music studio, as it makes life less stressful, work more productive, and saves him time on commuting.

Watch the video below to see Ed’s garden music room and home office throughout the seasons.

If you need a dedicated space to work or somewhere to use as a hobby room, take a look at our wide variety of garden buildings, including Garden Offices and Log Cabins. We have a range of sizes and designs available, so you can create your own man cave, garden music room, home gym or photography studio. 

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