What is the best log cabin wall thickness?

If you intend to use your garden building log cabin all-year-round – rather than seasonally – you should choose a log cabin wall thickness that is as thick as possible, to maximise the insulation. U-Values provide a measure of the heat transfer through different materials, to allow you to compare options.

We use interlocking tongue & groove timber in our walls to provide strength and stability, it also allows timber to naturally expand and contract.


28mm single tongue log cabin wall
Our 28mm walls are ideal for medium sized buildings for seasonal use (U-Value 2.59 W/m² K)

34mm Wall Thickness Log Cabins
Our 34mm walls contain over 20% more wood than a 28mm wall. (U-Value 2.26 W/m2 K)

45mm double tongue log cabin wall
Our 45mm walls contain over 60% more wood than a 28mm wall and are ideal for use all-year round. (U-Value 1.93 W/m² K)

62mm triple tongue insulated log cabin wall

Our 62mm insulated walls are a sandwich of timber and polyisocyanurate. An innovative concept which helps retain heat far better than Rockwool or polystyrene. It produces a U-Value equivalent to 140mm wall thickness. (U-Value 0.69 W/m2K)


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