Log cabins offer you additional space that you can’t find inside your home. The versatile, classic structures are ideal for your home office, gym, man cave or beauty room. If you intend to use your garden room all year round, you may ask yourself how insulated are they?

Our log cabins come in a range of wall thicknesses at 28mm, 34mm, 45mm and insulated 62mm (equivalent to 140mm). Choosing a thicker wall will definitely maximise the installation, therefore if you plan on using your log cabin throughout the whole year you should opt for 45mm or 62mm insulated.

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Are Log Cabins Well Insulated - 28mm Wall Logs 34mm Wall Thickness Log CabinsAre Log Cabins Well Insulated - 45mm Wall LogsAre Log Cabins Well Insulated - 62mm Insulated Wall Logs

Consider looking at the U-Value before you make your final decision. The U-Value is a measure of heat loss/gain found within building materials used for walls, floors and roofs.

For a further insight – What is a U-Value?

Log cabins with a 45mm wall thickness contain over 60% more timber than a 28mm wall. With a U-Value of 1.93 W/m² K, this is one ideal option for all year round use. Nevertheless, there is a range that we offer that has been uniquely designed providing you with 62mm insulated walls, which are equivalent to 140mm, using a highly reputable material, polyisocyanurate between the core of the timber. This wall thickness produces a U-Value of 0.59 W/m2K, which means you are guaranteed to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Are Log Cabins Well Insulated - Carsare Warmalog in SummerAre Log Cabins Well Insulated - Carsare Warmalog in Winter

These insulated log cabins are better known as Warmalogs, our fully insulated garden buildings that are unique to the market. There is no need to fit insulation between your cabin walls when it is already done for you. During the manufacturing process, the insulation is sandwiched between the timber, meaning fully insulated walls without any hassle.

The installation material that is set in the core of timber is called polyisocyanurate. A top quality material that even NASA used in their spacecraft! It is lightweight and versatile, but what makes it so sought after is its high thermal conductivity. There are other forms of installation, which is a much lower quality material resulting in the overall cost of the garden building a lot less. Many competitors will use materials such as rockwool, polystyrene or aluminium bubble wrap.

Are Log Cabins Well Insulated - Fully Insulated WarmaLog Cabin

Not only do our Warmalog cabins have fully insulated walls, the roof and floor are too. The roof insulation boards are 60mm thick and the floor is 50mm thick, which are supplied as standard, at no extra cost. To add to the insulation, the Warmalog comes with 24mm thick double glazing which consists of two sheets of 4mm toughened glass. All these one of a kind features is what achieves a U-Value of 0.59 W/m2K.

 Are Log Cabins Well Insulated - WarmaLog Cabin Double Glazing


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