Here at Dunster House, we operate as an online retailer and via the telephone only. We get asked many questions about how you can visit us, do we have showrooms, and how you (the customer) can view a product that you are interested in.

In this article we will cover the following:

  • Can you visit Dunster House?
  • Does Dunster House have showrooms?
  • I want to see a product; how can I view it?

Can you visit Dunster House?

No, as a customer you cannot visit Dunster House to see a product you are interested in. We previously offered this service, but have recently stopped this and are now primarily online and via telephone on 01234 272445. However, there are numerous ways for you to see a product you are interested in, varying from 3D renders and 360 images all the way to customer photos and videos.

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Does Dunster House have showrooms?

No, we do not have showrooms for you to visit us. We have a number of distribution centres across the UK which have easily been mistaken as showrooms. Having a large number of distribution centres allows us to deliver products throughout mainland United Kingdom. We operate our own delivery service, we do not use a third party, therefore allowing us to guarantee your product is delivered with care.

I want to see a product; how can I view it?

You can view a product in many different forms, angles, and versions to ensure you know exactly what you are buying. This was touched on briefly in Can you visit Dunster House?. But here is a detailed breakdown of how you can view a Dunster House product.

Rendered Images

There is a variation of life-like images of the exterior and interior of the garden building or climbing frame on our website. These are from different angles, some with treatment colours and opened/closed doors.

Visit Us - Severn Log Cabin

360 Images

In order for you to be able to view the image from all angles, there is a 360 image of the product which you can spin around to see the whole building/structure.

Augmented Reality

To get a real feel of how our products would look in your garden, just click the AR banner on the product page you are looking out. Follow the simple steps and let the product come to life.

Feature Images

To display the features of our products, we provide images from the physical product as well as renders within the features tab on the product pages of our website.

Visit Us - Feature and Benefits

Feature and Benefit Videos

View our detailed feature and benefits videos showcasing all the features for our product ranges, which have a clear voiceover, info text and animation. These are available to watch on specific product pages on our website.

Customer Images & Videos

Get inspiration from our customer images that are available on all product pages, the customer inspiration gallery page, and on our YouTube channel  Dunster House TV!

Our customer images offer a variety of exterior and interior photos. Showcasing how you can transform the product. For example, there is a number of photos of the Severn 5m x 3m Log Cabin used as pub sheds, home bars, garden offices, and more.

There are also videos available where you can take a tour around a customer’s garden building (specifically log cabins and garden offices) as the customer talks about it.

If the above still doesn’t provide you with enough exposure to the physical product, we can arrange a video call where you can visit us virtually as we take you around our garden. Here we can either show you the exact product or a similar one, depending on what you are looking for.


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