Customer services

To contact customer services at Dunster House Ltd, please email [email protected], with your questions or concerns, detailing your order number (normally beginning with SO), or your postcode so that we can find your order.

If you decide to choose a different email address or channel of communication with our company, you will receive the same advice to contact Customer Services via email to [email protected].

We only deal with customer services enquiries via email and do not have a telephone number for this department. Reasons for this are detailed below.

Please note that we are unable to correspond with you unless you are the named invoiced customer, and if you wish to speak on behalf of the invoiced customer we will require their written consent.

We have found, through decades of experience, that emails help us provide a far more effective service, allowing the customer to respond in their own time. Our products are delivered by our own fleet of vehicles and involve tens, even hundreds of very similar parts – this means that identifying problems over the phone can be almost impossible.

It also gives our customer services department the opportunity to read your email in depth and contact the relevant department in order to answer any questions or investigate the situation. If it is not possible to answer your question immediately, or we find that we need to clarify a detail with another department, it is easier via email. If various staff are needed to resolve a problem, details could be missed or lost through translation. The simple forwarding of an email allows various members of staff to work together to get the answers you need.

Due to the technical nature of our products, we will often ask you to send photographs to help clarify an issue. Even seemingly simple queries such as missing instruction manuals will need to be sent via email. By keeping our correspondence to email only, it makes the whole process a lot smoother.