do we offer finance

A question we often receive is, do we offer finance? The answer to that would be, “no”, but there are very good reasons why.

Firstly, there is simply no benefit for the consumer or our company in doing so. We at Dunster House like to be completely honest and open with our customers. Offering this service through a finance providing company would mean the costs are buried within the price, and we do not want to artificially offer finance to our customers. No companies provide 0% APR as there are always charges. However, we would always want the best for our customers and have come up with an alternative solution for you to finance your purchase.

There are other methods of arranging instalment payments, such as applying for finance externally. This will allow you to borrow a sum of money and pay it off monthly to your chosen term. Potentially the best way of doing this is by applying for a 0% interest-free credit card. There are many available in the market so it is best to shop around to find the best deal whether it is interest free for 12 months or 25 months.

You can always check your credit score and applicability for credit cards through Experian will give you a list of 0% interest-free credit cards eligible to you. These interest-free credit cards are usually only for a period of time so be sure to check the terms and conditions.

A tip for those of you that already have a credit card and might be paying interest charges, is to check whether the 0% interest-free credit card also offers a 0% fee-free balance transfer option. Meaning you can transfer over your current credit card balance for no cost at all and enjoy your new 0% interest-free credit card. Allowing you to pay off your Dunster House purchase within a time frame that works for you, and here’s the best bit, with no interest charges at all!

If you already have a credit card and are ready to go, why not work out how much your purchase would cost you?


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