Features of a Dunster House Gazebo

Most of our gazebos come pressure treated, so you don’t need to treat them as soon as you have erected them. The pressure treated gazebos come with a 10 year guarantee against rot and insect infestation. This also means your gazebo will need less maintenance compared to a non-pressure treated version.

black roof shingles on gazebo

Whether your gazebo is pressure treated or not, to prolong its life and add an attractive finish, we offer two types of roofing material. You can add attractive high-grade black Bitumen shingles to your gazebo, or you can choose the low cost option of traditional roof felt. Both options will finish your gazebo beautifully. It’s all down to your personal style and budget!

Our gazebo roofs are made up of pre-cut Tongue and Groove planks, making it easier for you to construct. Our Utopia and Leviathan gazebos offer the option of timber or glass panels. The panels will protect your garden seating area from unpredictable summer rain showers and also provide shade from the sunlight.

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bag of screws

All of the fixings you’ll need to put your gazebo together will be supplied with your gazebo. So all you have to do is be there to take delivery and then install your new gazebo onto your chosen spot in the garden.

Features of a Dunster House Arbour and Pergola

Our growing range of arbours and pergolas are fabulous low maintenance garden structures. Made using pre-cut pressure treated timber, each structure comes with a 10-year guarantee against rot and insect infestation. This is valid only on pressure treated timber parts, not all of the screws and bolts supplied to secure the structure. Pressure treatment is an excellent feature, especially for anyone planning to train plants to climb and engulf an arbour or pergola.

Each pergola and arbour is under 2.5m high, making it less likely that you’ll need planning consent for one of these exceptional garden structures. If you feel that your pergola is too high for your needs you can easily remove timber from the bottom of the post. This can easily be done without risking the strength of the structure or its beauty.

side table on pergola

Our pergolas are excellent for creating a Mediterranean feel to your garden. Coax vines to climb your pergola to add natural shade from the elements to the seating area you’ve created underneath. While each of our arbours come with its own unique seating area, including tables to rest your morning coffee on as you survey the beautiful garden you’ve created.

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