Our pressure treated sheds are constructed using a robust frame many are packed in an easy-to-build panel construction.

Unlike pressure treated sheds from other suppliers ALL of the timber (except MR P5 panels) is pressure treated. So with our sheds you don’t get a pressure treated exterior let down by untreated framework inside the shed. We also add a brown colourant during the pressure treatment process to give a more natural look that will compliment your garden.

All of the timber which goes into manufacturing our sheds is pressure treated, after being cut to size. This is to ensure that all pieces of timber used to construct your shed are fully treated and does not leave the cut ends without protection, which is what happens if the pressure treatment process is carried out before the timber is cut to size. This is how the majority of other suppliers work as they don’t have their own pressure treatment plant and instead buy in pre-treated long lengths of timber that they then cut down to size, which leaves you with untreated ends that are not protected by the treatment. Our pressure treatment process allows us to provide a 10 year timber guarantee against rot and insect infestation for all of the timber (except MR P5 panels).

Each shed window is made from 4mm thick glass, making our windows more durable than the standard 3mm horticultural glass or Perspex. Our windows are internally beaded, preventing the windows from being easily removed from the outside.

We’ve made sure that our sheds are secure, weatherproof and strong enough to last the test of time. Since sheds are predominantly used for storage we have made sure that almost all of your storage needs can be met with the height of the shed. Just under 2.5m high, so you don’t need to worry about planning permission, our largest shed features internal eaves that are 1.87m/6′, ensuring plenty of room to store your gardening and DIY equipment.

We offer a range of sheds with various features, styles and formations, from our Dutch Barns to our Talia Tool Shed. They all have a very solid and hard-wearing structure, with the quality of the spruce timber easily demonstrated. Perfect for the organised gardener.

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