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Recently bought a new shed or looking to refresh your old one? Many of you ask how to felt a shed roof, and believe it or not it is one of the simplest DIY tasks known. Here we answer all your FAQs on felting a shed roof.

How to put felt on a shed roof

Applying felt to your roof requires a minimal amount of tools and can be complete with two people or even on your own depending on your DIY skills. Choose a nice dry day to make this job as seamless as possible.

Tools required:

  • Felt rolls
  • Plastic membrane
  • Galvanised clout nails
  • Claw hammer
  • Felt cutter
  • Tape measure
  • Felt adhesive

With a Dunster House shed, we suggest laying a plastic waterproof membrane (not supplied) over the roof, which is then to be secured down with a staple gun.

How To Felt a Shed Roof - step 1

Next, move onto adding the actual superfelt for the roof. You want to start off by rolling it out onto the ground and cutting it into long strips which are to be horizontally placed across the roof. If two separate felt pieces are required to connect, we suggest overlapping by 200mm. Allow the felt to overhang off the roof by approximately 30mm, and start nailing down at around 200mm centres.

How To Felt a Shed Roof - Step 2

Continue to lay down the felt, and nail down with even spaces as you go through depending on the width of the felt and roof. Overlap the adjoining layers by 200mm, and seal those joints with felt adhesive. Once laid, nail the edges down.

How To Felt a Shed Roof - step 3

When the felt has reached the ridge, fold over a length of felt to cover both sides of the upper layers by 200mm or more, seal the joints and nail together. Nail the felt on each side of the ridge.

How To Felt a Shed Roof - step 4

Step 5) Trim as required.

How To Felt a Shed Roof - step 5

When purchasing a Dunster House shed, all felting instructions are supplied within the installation manual. The instructions above, apply to standard apex roof shed.

How long does the shed roof felt last?

The felt we supply with all our sheds is superfelt, which is a highly durable form of felt that is likely to have a life expectancy of up to 5 years. This may differ for other types of felt, but the life expectancy is usually a minimum of up to 5 years. It can last longer, depending on how well it is maintained.

How to refelt a shed roof?

Carefully remove the fascia boards, as this releases the felt to be removed easily. Start removing the felt from the roof, and check the surface underneath to ensure there is no damage to the boards and nails. If you come across any issues, deal with those before reapplying the new felt. Once all damages are rectified and felt is all striped, follow our steps stated above.

Can you felt over old felt on a shed roof?

It is not something we would recommend, as you want to strip off the old damaged felt. You don’t want to find the old felt is causing problems to the roof boards underneath, which require some maintenance. New layers of felt mean the roof boards have fresh protection, ready to last another 5+ years.


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