We hope that you never feel the need for an exchange or refund. But if you do, here is more information on how to return or cancel your order.

We aim to ensure each piece of timber leaving our factories has been made under the strictest quality control. That the only contact we will need to have with you post delivery is to request some pictures of your newly installed Garden Building in your garden, or to feature on Dunster House TV. However, we understand there will be situations where the goods are faulty, or you would like a repair or replacement. Always check the Terms and Conditions in their entirety when purchasing one of our Garden Buildings for a more detailed explanation.


Cancelling an item

You have a right to cancel your purchase if you have bought online or by phone within 14 days of receiving your purchase. This does not include one off items, or bespoke and made to order items.

Please contact us to let us know of your wish to cancel in by post or email. The goods will need to be in the same condition as they were when we delivered them to you. Any changes made, such as treating the Garden Building, or any handling which is deemed out of the realms of necessity (we understand you may need to handle the timber to inspect it), will mean we can not accept the return.


Returning Goods


Take time to inspect your  delivery on the day you receive it whilst the driver is still there. The driver will have a discrepancy note with him. Any items that you feel need to returning or exchanging need noting on the discrepancy note and returned via your delivery driver. If you return goods in their entirety with the driver, there will be no fee for the returning of the product, and we will give you a full refund including delivery. If there is no note at delivery, we will need notifying within 2 calendar days from the receipt of delivery.


Our driver will not return to pick up the faulty products after he has left your premises. Returning an item after the delivery driver has left is possible, but you will need to arrange to return the goods at your own cost. Depending on the way you decide to use to return the products, this could be quite costly to yourself.


Our Garden Buildings are made from slow grown spruce and, as such, will have natural qualities of timber such as knots. The natural appearance of the timber is not a reason to return the product or believe it is fault. For more general advice and guidance on the ways your timber may react to the elements, and what little maintenance tasks you can do to keep your Garden Building looking fantastic all year round, visit our information page on caring for your timber product.


Ensure you protect the item you are returning to us. A lot of our timber is kiln dried meaning its water content is less than 18%. Ensure you keep your Garden Building in a dry environment to keep the moisture content as such, we can not accept it otherwise. We deliver our products in protective wrapping. This packaging can prove helpful when trying to store parts and protect them from the elements. It’s what we advise customers to do whilst building their Log Cabins.




 On return, goods will undergo an inspection, and we will issue any refunds within 14 days.


Contacting Customer Services


Your first point of contact for any issues post delivery would be the Customer Services team. If you should need to contact them, or are unsure if an item is faulty, please do so in writing. Ensure you include your sales order number as proof of purchase, and to ensure they can find your order to help you clarify. You can contact them via email at [email protected], or via post at our headquarters:


Dunster House Ltd
Factory 1
Caxton Road
Elm Farm Industrial Estate
MK41 0LF