Planning Your Garden Building

OK so you’ve found a beautiful Dunster House Garden Building, be it a Log CabinGarden OfficeSummerhouse, Shed etc. and you’re wondering if Planning Permission is required to put it up. Well worry no more, we’ve put together this simple guide for you to use to see if your building is going to be considered as Permitted Development and therefore not need any Planning Permission. Please be aware this guide is intended for Dunster House Buildings only.


This guide will take you through a series of short questions about the intended use and location of your new garden building, and will take only a few minutes to complete. We hope it will give you the confidence to shop with ease and choose the right building for you and your home. Just hit the button below to begin!


Disclaimer: This is an introductory guide and not a definitive source of legal information. If you require any further information or are in any doubt, please visit the official government website, or contact your local planning authority.


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