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Our Complaints Procedure

If you are unhappy with any aspect of the service you have received from us and you feel that you need to submit a formal complaint then please ensure you follow the below in order to do so.

Complaints Procedure is as follows:

In the first instance, all complaints should be submitted, in writing, to our Customer Service department. This can be done by email to [email protected] or via a letter addressed to:


Customer Service

Dunster House Ltd

Factory 1

Caxton Road

Elms Farm Industrial Estate


MK41 0LF


You can also fill in our Customer Service Web Form.

Our Customer Service team aim to respond to all queries, in writing, as soon as possible. You should receive a response on the same day that yours is submitted, however, it is often much, much quicker than this.


If you are not satisfied


1. Escalate to Customer Service Manager

If you are unable to resolve your issue with a member of our Customer Service Department, you can ask that your query is escalated to a Customer Service Manager.


The Customer Service Managers at Dunster House work closely with their teams, and with middle/senior management to ensure that we are consistently bringing the best possible levels of service to all of our customers.


The Customer Service Managers constantly monitor and advise on the work of the Customer Service team, but may take over communication with you directly. This also allows for constant ongoing training to always give you the best service.


2. Ask for the contact details of our Director to write a letter

A letter can be written to a Director. The details of which can freely be obtained by asking our Customer Service team. This option should only be explored if you fail to resolve your issue from dealing with the in-house Customer Service team.


The letter will be read and reviewed by the Director, but often passed back to the Customer Service team to respond under their instructions.


3. Contact an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Service


If we have been unable to provide you with a satisfactory resolution to your query. You can ask our Customer Service for details of an Alternative Dispute Resolution service. This service will act as an impartial third party in an attempt to understand the issue and to come to an amicable conclusion for all parties.



This is the ‘Post Delivery Customer Complaints’ procedure for Dunster House Ltd.

These steps should be followed in order if you have a complaint to make about the service you have received. I.e. you cannot skip any steps and you should exhaust our internal complaints procedure before attempting to take any further, external, action; if you feel this is what you would like to do. Hopefully, our helpful Customer Service team will be able to deal with and resolve your query.

You should not expect to be able to speak to a member of our Customer Service team or liaise with a Director immediately after making contact. As a company of our size and stature, this is why we have a dedicated Customer Service team to answer all of your post-delivery queries.


Require More Information or Inspiration?


Require More Information or Inspiration?