You will have seen the words “pressure treated timber”  or “our products contain treated wood” throughout our website. We are very proud of our treatment process as we know it gives you a better level of protection than our competitors who like to dip treat their timber.

You may be reading this and believe that treatment is treatment. Why do you need to be particular about the timber being fully treated? The problem with dip treatment is that the process only coats your product rather than treating deep within the timber. Think of it similar to a magnum ice cream, the chocolate covers the outside but offers no protection to the interior, whereas the pressure treatment is like ripple ice cream. The treatment goes all the way through the slow grown spruce timber.


Wood is a highly absorbent product meaning, if there is even the smallest amount part of it exposed to the moisture then they can absorb it deep within the grain. You may not even notice it at first but slowly, over time, the rot can set in leaving your building weakened or irreparably damaged.


Ensure you research the companies you are buying from thoroughly to ensure they fully pressure treat their timber and with what process. Some companies dip treat. Whilst others treat their timber before cutting it to size. This leaves the ends exposed and, as we’ve mentioned before, this will reduce the longevity and durability of your Garden Building. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you are unsure. Our sales team will happily tell you about our treatment process.

When you are initially searching for your Log Cabin, Garden Office or Climbing Frame, you may notice that some of our competitors offer lower prices. While the initial costs may seem lower, don’t be fooled, it will cost you more in the long run. The financial costs of retreating your timber yearly, and the effort it would take to deconstruct and treat each individual piece of timber, will add up over the years.

If you do have to treat your product, it will not be as simple as a single coat on the exterior of your building like we ask you to do. To properly treat your Garden Building if you opt for a dip treated product, you will need to deconstruct it yearly. This means panel by panel and then treating it.

Each treatment typically asks for two or three coats. You then need to factor in time for each coat to dry and time to reconstruct your building – it could take anything from three days to a week. In the 10 years of protection our pressure treatment offers, you would have spent almost two months treating your building rather than enjoying it.


Our timber is cut to size before it is treated. Meaning that the treatment is deep within the timber. It won’t absorb moisture, but if it does, we give a 10 year guarantee against any rot or fungal decay. Every piece of timber that is pressure treated comes with the same 10 year guarantee meaning you can be as confident in our product as we are. Terms and Conditions do apply.

By choosing pressure treated timber, you don’t have any hidden costs. All we ask is that you apply a coating of protective water repellent once a year to provide added protection. Other than this small action, all you need to do is construct your Garden Building or Climbing Frame, then sit back and enjoy it.

What exactly is pressure treatment?

Pressure treatment is the process that we put your slow grown spruce through before it gets to you.

As we mentioned above, we cut our timber down to size before it goes through the treatment process. We place the timber on a sealed chamber. This pulls all the moisture and air out of the timber (ours are dried to 18% moisture). The treatment is then poured into the chamber, where it quickly soaks into the wood replacing the air and moisture.

By placing the timber in a kiln, we ensure that there is enough space for the entire timber to be coated with the treatment rather than risk missing any of it. The treatment we use is a non toxic, copper chrome preservative which is arsenic free, ensuring the safety of your and your family.

We add a colourant to the treatment during the process. This colour gives your Garden Building a rich brown finish which will stand out in your garden for all the right reasons.

Can we help with anything else?

Browse our website to look at the large range of pressure treated products we have to offer. Our sales team is ready and waiting to answer any questions you may have. Give them a call on 01234 731821. Alternatively, fill in a contact us form for them to get hold of you at a time convenient to you.


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