What is a pressure treated shed?

The timber on a shed that has been pressure treated lasts much longer than a shed that is not. Investing in a pre-treated shed means less maintenance, time required and money spent on treatment.

What is the process? 

Pressure treating timber involves kiln drying the wood and then forcing the preservative into the lengths of timber leaving it highly protected against rot, insect infestation and moisture ingress, to an extent. These are important factors you should consider when purchasing a shed, as you don’t want rot to set in after a short amount of time and then need to replace the entire building.

When you purchase a shed, you are looking for a space for all your garden equipment and furniture to be safe and undamaged. With a pressure treated shed, you are reducing the likelihood of any problems as such from occurring.

Pressure Treated Floor Bearers

Which is better, pressure treated or dip treated shed?

Contemplating whether you should purchase a pressure treated shed or a cheaper alternative?

Some companies might claim their timber products are pressure treated when in reality they are only subjected to ‘dip treating’. Dip treating is where only certain faces of the timber are treated and if the length is cut, this leaves exposed capillaries which will be very susceptible to absorbing moisture. The air and moisture isn’t removed prior to the timber being treated, therefore meaning it is less effective. As the treatment doesn’t penetrate deep into the wood, you will still need to maintain the timber of the shed regularly.

With a pressure treated shed, you can be a lot more confident in its longevity. Living in Britain, you want a shed that is able to handle all weather types. It is recommended that you place a flat, level base underneath your shed, ideally concrete.

Can you paint a pressure treated shed? 

To keep the shed properly protected, we recommend applying a good quality water repellent to the external timbers.  A clear solvent based treatment minimizes the amount of water the timber absorbs during rainfall. You can apply this treatment directly onto the timber.

Do I need pressure treated wood for a shed?

No, not necessarily, but if you opt for a shed that is not pressure treated you will find yourself spending a lot of time maintaining it and potentially facing a number of issues. However, why would you want to spend more money and time, when you can purchase a pre treated shed?


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