Timber Sustainability Policy

As members of the Timber Development UK, (TDUK), Dunster House is committed to ensuring procurement of timber and manufactured forest products that are sourced from legal and well-managed forests.

They will also need to comply with UK Timber Regulations, (UKTR), and EU Timber Regulations (EUTR), (to be become EU Deforestation Regulations) (EUDR), to run alongside EUTR for approximately 12-24 months implementation period.

This sustainability policy will apply to all timber purchases from the UK and overseas.

These also need to have been certified to credible certification standards, i.e. FSC or PEFC.

As a cornerstone of that commitment, we will pursue a Responsible Purchasing Policy (RPP).

This is to promote the use and marketing of legal and environmentally responsible forest products.


Continuous improvement

Dunster House commit to continuously improve the sustainability level of our sourcing, by favouring stricter more credible certification and verification standards, and sourcing requirements. We are committed to avoiding sourcing from unknown or unsustainable sources.


Where possible, Dunster House are committed to procuring wood products that have been certified against credible, internationally recognised standards for good forest management, to ensure that material originates from well managed forests.

In line with this, we prefer products certified to the standards of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification).


Dunster House are committed to sourcing only material that is produced, processed and traded according to applicable legislation.

Social Responsibility

Dunster House is committed to avoid engaging in or benefitting from controversial business practices. To this end, we are committed to the principles of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, which is contained in our existing Modern Day Anti-Slavery Policy.

Environmental Responsibility

Dunster House are committed to promoting responsible stewardship of the environment and its natural resources. We are committed to lessening the impact on the environment caused by our own activities, and those of our suppliers.

Supply chain management

Dunster House will ensure that information about suppliers and material is gathered as part of the RPP. We will ensure regular engagement with our suppliers to ensure compliance with UKTR requirements, working with them to ensure continuous improvements. We will also specify that, wherever possible, that material sourced is covered by FSC and PEFC, to ensure responsible forest management.

Risk assessment, Due Diligence and mitigation

Dunster House will assess our timber and timber product supply chains to evaluate the risk of illegally produced timber. We will to this end carry out due diligence and risk mitigation actions. A dedicated person shall be appointed to oversee the implementation of due diligence, maintain records and ensure consistent application across all timber purchases. This will be done with a systematic process of risk assessment with reference and evidence. Assessment methods shall be reviewed annually.  A systematic and documented process of risk mitigation, showing evidence of how risks identified during a risk assessment have been mitigated. This will involve working in partnership with suppliers to mitigate risk and allow continuous improvement.

Monitoring and verification

Dunster House will carry out applicable monitoring of internal system and procedures.  This will be done to ensure that relevant systems are in place to ensure that responsible sourcing continues to take place.

Review and adaption of policy

We will ensure that this policy and related documents are periodically reviewed and appropriately revised.


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