What is roof insulation and what type of insulation do we use


What is roof insulation and what type of insulation do we use?

Our roof insulation is supplied as panels of 25mm thick polyisocyanurate sheets (30mm for Warmalog cabins) which are supplied already chemically bonded to MR P5 boarding. The roof insulation sheets are very easy to fit to the roof of your cabin, they simply need to be screwed down through the sheet into the roof board below (you don’t need to locate purlins, as the roof boards are thick enough to screw into at any point without the screw protruding on the other side). Roof panels with 25mm insulation just need cutting to size around the edge of your roof, and any offcuts can be reused. In the case of our Warmalog products the insulated roof panels are already pre-cut and require no further trimming.


How will roof insulation improve the thermal efficiency of the building?


When installed, the roof insulation is a cost-effective way of lowering the U-Value of your roof from 3.49W/m2 K to a far more efficient 0.76 W/m2K.


How is the roof insulation installed?



As you can see from the image, the roof insulation sits on top of the roof boards you receive with your cabin. So, whatever roofing you decide upon, be it shingles or felt, will be laid on the MR P5 board. This means you still get a nice, attractive tongue and groove internal finish along with the extra heat gained from the impact of the insulation.



Roof insulation can be added to a log cabin at a later stage and can be purchased from our extras section.


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