What are the features of a Dunster House Carport

Our Leviathan carports are designed to provide high-quality shelter for your vehicle. Our carports can keep your car free from the outdoor elements, winter snow, sleet or rain. Is there anything worse than your car becoming covered with snow or ice and spending an eternity defrosting your car, with our carports you can save that rush in the morning.

Wooden Carport

Carports don’t just have to store cars, they have multiple uses such as storing lawnmowers or motorbikes. Our carports are built using tongue and groove timbers of the highest quality and come with a 10-year guarantee against rot and insect infestation as all the timber is pressure-treated. Our heavy-duty framework ensures a robust structure built to stand the test of time.

The Leviathan carport comes in two configurations; our compact 3.2m x 3.2m and large double 6.04m x 3.2m carport have been designed to secure your car safely throughout the year. Our Hercules carports come in three configurations, our single 3.2m x 6.04m; our double 6.04m x 6.04m and our humongous 8.89m x 6.04m triple carport provide the perfect home for your vehicles.

The walls of the carports are made using spruce. This whitewood produces a lot less sap than pine, so there’s less risk of sap marking your prized car. The thick 19mm roof protects the carport from extreme weather conditions, with the option to further increase its protection with our felt or roofing shingles.

Wooden Carport Wall

The wall panels are made from tongue and groove timbers and come assembled as full panels, it allows for easy construction and a structurally stable carport. We use deeper tongues and longer grooves than our competitors in our garden buildings. This allows for natural expansion of timber due to the weather, while minimising the possibility of gaps forming between each panel.


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