When purchasing a new product, it can be hard to fully fathom what is included when a guarantee is offered. You need to be sure you take the time to read up on the guarantee terms and conditions, along with the history of the company themselves. Do they have the longevity to honour their guarantees should they need to? It would be pointless to offer a ten year guarantee if in five years they have stopped trading. Dunster House has been providing high quality products since 1994, and has no intention of stopping any time soon.

We have over twenty five years of manufacturing, delivering and even installing (no longer available) our Garden Buildings resulting in us knowing our products inside and out. This is why we are confident in the guarantees we offer and you can be confident we will help you should you need it.

Different elements of our products come with guarantees relevant to their materials and manufacturing process. To help you identify these guarantees, we have listed them below. Our guarantees cover the cost of transport of an identical or comparable part to the original delivery address, it does not include the cost of installation or any costs incurred to dispose of the old parts.


Read our terms and conditions for a more detailed breakdown of the aspects of your guarantee. These explain further what will invalidate your guarantee; such as products subjected to abuse or failure to correctly assemble the goods as per the assembly instructions (this is why we always advise to read them fully before attempting to construct our buildings).


We reserve the right to ask for photographs as evidence of any issues that may occur with your Garden Building. This is to help us gain an accurate picture of what is happening and help you find the next step.


Pressure treatment

We use pressure treated timber. Which means ours is kiln dried to remove excess moisture before treatment is forced deep within the spruce. This leaves it more protected against rot, fungal decay and insect infestation than dip treated or untreated wood. By putting it through this process, we can be sure your Garden Building or Climbing Frame will stand the test of time, no matter what weather conditions it battles against.


All of the pressure treated elements of our Garden Buildings, including the bearers, come with a 10 year guarantee. The guarantee protects against rot, fungal decay and insect infestation that leaves the Garden Building not structurally sound. Where it is proven that an element of your Garden Building has failed due to rot or fungal decay, we will cover the cost of supplying an identical component.


This guarantee doesn’t include the non-timber aspects such as nuts, bolts, door locks, mechanisms or Climbing frame accessories. These elements are covered for one year against manufacturing faults.


Galvanised steel

Some of our products are made from hot dipped galvanised steel, such as the feet on our Erin Gazebo range. This process helps create a versatile, strengthened base to your Garden Structure.


We guarantee our hot dipped galvanised steel elements against damage caused by corrosion for 10 years from the date of delivery. Corrosion can happen as the iron contained within the steel oxidises. We will replace it if it is found to be making your structure unsound. Please note, if you place the hot dipped element in an area where it will be continually submerged in water or any substance that may speed up the act of corrosion then your guarantee will be rendered invalid.


Sealed Units (Double Glazed)

Dunster House started out as a windows and doors manufacturer, an aspect of the company we still continue today. Over twenty years of experience has helped us improve our windows which is why offer 24mm double glazed, sealed units in addition to our 4mm toughened glass that comes as standard. All of our windows, regardless of thickness, are manufactured to the European Standard EN1279 which prevents condensation within the panes.


We go even further than just manufacturing our windows to a global standard. We guarantee our sealed units against any visible condensation within the unit for five years from the date of delivery. The term visible guarantee means any water droplet of at least 0.5mm in diameter forming inside the sealed unit. This guarantee will be invalid if the seal or glass has been found to have been tampered with.


Customer Services

We ask that any claim be made in writing to our customer services department via email at [email protected]. These must be accompanied with proof of purchase, any further details of the product failing as per above and any photos to help us identify the situation and rectify it. If any products are found to have been subjected to abuse, negligence, modification, attachment to equipment or any other improper use then the guarantee will be nullified.


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