A gazebo is a free standing open structure which provides you with a sheltered area in your garden. The garden structure can come in a range of shapes: square, hexagonal or rectangular, meaning there is sure to be something to suit your garden style.

An open garden structure creates a focal point either over a hot tub, or furniture. The aim of a gazebo is to give you a private area within your garden, as well as a shelter. Depending on the purpose of your garden gazebo, you can customise it to make it as private and enclosed, or as open as you wish.

What Is A Gazebo Used For? 

There are so many wonderful uses of a gazebo! It is the ideal structure for you to enjoy time with loved ones, whilst embracing the beauty of your garden.

Garden Parties 

When the sun is out in full force, the first thing that comes to mind is a BBQ! A time where you invite family and friends to come and enjoy the sun, whilst eating good food. Having a gazebo at your family garden gatherings creates a setting where you can sit in the garden all day and all evening.

Atlas Gazebo

Hot Tub 

Gain some privacy over your tub hot with a garden shelter. All our garden gazebos are customizable where you can add panels to create side walls. Adding a gazebo over your hot tub, also enables you to create a magical setting, with some garden lights or make it tropical with some hanging plants.

Utopia Gazebo


Use a  to create an outdoor dining space, where you can change your evening dinner location. Rather than sitting inside all the time, why not enjoy your dinner outside in the breeze.

Chunky Gazebo

The Dunster House Gazebo Range 


The Leviathan is a heavy duty gazebo that has been designed with large chunky posts, giving you a very large, robust structure. You can add side panels to the Leviathan range or have it completely open. The timber structure is fully pressure treated, ensuring that your structure lasts and is easy to maintain.

Come rain or shine, you can make use of your garden all year round with an Leviathan, as the design of the apex roof ensures that water is able to run freely off the gazebo. The Leviathan comes in a range of sizes from:

W2.5m x D2.5m

Leviathan 2.5m x 2.5m Gazebo

W3m x D3m

Leviathan 3m x 3m Gazebo

W4m x D3m

Leviathan 4m x 3m Gazebo

W5m x D3m

Leviathan 5m x 3m Gazebo

W6m x D3

Leviathan 6m x 3m Gazebo

Leviathan Corner Gazebos

Our corner gazebos are the ideal garden structure to make good use of your outdoor space, creating an escape hub away from everything else in the garden. You can choose whether you wish to have an open corner gazebo or add side panels.

The smaller corner gazebos are ideal for creating a really cosy feel, especially with a large snug sofa. If you have a large family or love hosting garden parties then our larger Leviathan corner gazebos may be the perfect fit for you. Check out our range of sizes:

W3m x D3m

Leviathan Corner Gazebo 3m x 3m
W4m x D3m
Leviathan Corner Wooden Gazebo 4m x 3m
W5m x D3m
Leviathan Corner Gazebo 5m x 3m


The Utopia is ideal for a patio or decking area, where you want to add a sheltered area. This range comes fully pressure treated, reducing the amount of rot and insect infestation. All the fittings and fixtures are included, making it easier to erect. The wooden Utopia gazebo comes in a range of sizes from:

W2m x D2m

Utopia 2m x 2m Gazebo

W3m x D3m

Utopia 3m x 3m Gazebo

W4m x D3m

Utopia 4m x 3m Gazebo


The Erin has been uniquely designed and is the perfect shelter for a hot tub. On the roof of the Erin there is a perspex dome allowing you to soak up the sun in the day, and stargaze in the evening. This structure is fully pressure treated, ensuring that you have got a gazebo that is going to last. The Erin is customisable as you can add panels on the sides, which is ideal if you want to gain that extra bit of privacy.

Erin Gazebo

We design our gazebo kits with the DIYer in mind. They all come with easy to assemble panels, and all the fixtures and fittings included. So you will be able to sit back, relax and enjoy your masterpiece in no time. Search through our entire Wooden Gazebo range and find the perfect fit for you and your garden!


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