A pergola is a structure that creates a sheltered area within your garden. The garden structure is made up of posts that support the roof grid of beams and rafters. They can be free-standing or attached to your house, depending on the style of your garden.

Atlas Wooden Pergola

Pergolas can make your garden more visually appealing. They add a focal point to your garden, and can make your outdoor dining area a lot more welcoming. This simple garden structure is perfect for anyone with a creative eye. Create an outdoor entertainment area, without being on display to all your neighbours. Drapes or latticework on the pergola adds privacy without having a completely walled or enclosed structure.

Which is better, a pergola or gazebo?

The structure of a pergola and gazebo are similar however, there are differences between the two. The main difference is the roof style, as a gazebo has a fully covered roof whereas a pergola only provides partial coverage.

Pergola Growing Lattice  
What is a Pergola - Atlas Gazebo Roof

Wooden Gazebo vs Wooden Pergola 

A gazebo is a garden structure that gives you full coverage, as you can get walled sides as well as a roof. With this kind of structure you will achieve a complete shaded area, away from the sun.

Gazebos have many uses such as: dining areas, cosy seating or even a hot tub shelter. Depending on the use of the gazebo, you might want this area of your garden to be quite private, especially if you are using it as shelter for your hot tub. Therefore, the gazebo would be perfect as you can ensure you have an enclosed area if required. Sitting out in the garden during the summer months is something we all look forward to, but if you intend to use your garden come rain or shine then a gazebo will offer more protection.

What is a Pergola - Wooden Garden Gazebo

When it comes to adding style to your garden, then an open structure like a pergola is ideal. With the open roof, you can gain shade as well as your need for vitamin D. Also, you are able to embrace the whole garden, as there are no walls or barriers to restrict your view. If you have a love for plants and greenery, a wooden pergola is the structure for you. The structure provides you with the support you require to grow some gorgeous climbing plants, creating a scented walkway as well as a dining area.

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes, which is a massive factor to consider when choosing between a pergola and gazebo. Traditionally, pergolas are either square or rectangular shaped, whereas gazebos come in all sorts of shapes. Gazebos can be square, rectangular, hexagonal or octagonal.

Having to decide on a gazebo or pergola really depends on the size of your garden and your vision, as both structures add value to your home! Alternatively, why not get both? A gazebo provides the perfect shelter for a hot tub, whilst your seating area sits under the pergola. As the wood on your gazebo or pergola is fully pressure treated when you purchase from Dunster House, your garden structure will last, with a minimal amount of maintenance.

Now with a better insight on what is the difference between a pergola and a gazebo, hopefully you may finally be able to make your purchase. However, if you are still unsure, do not hesitate to give us a call on 01234 272445.


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