A log cabin is often used as an extension to the home, an extra room that can be used for the hobby room you needed in your house, an office, a mancave or an extra lounge. Being as important as the inside of your house, your cabin needs to be just as secure, durable, accessible and enjoyable to use.

With this in mind, it is easy to put together a list of features that are the most important in any log cabin, as the benefits that they allow are what make a log cabin worth buying. All the most valuable features can be found on a Dunster House log cabin, which is why we are the UK’s leading garden building company.

For a great overview, you can watch this video on the Features and Benefits of a Dunster House Log Cabin

Let’s run through the most important features:

With security in mind, you want to make sure that your doors and windows can be locked effectively. Dunster House cabins have multi-point locking windows and doors, the same as are used on houses. The windows are also internally beaded, preventing intruders from removing the windows from the outside.

Locking System

Our 28mm log cabins come with single glazing as standard, which consists of a single pane of 4mm toughened glass, able to repel stray footballs. Whereas our 34mm and 45mm log cabins come with 24mm double glazing included at no extra cost.

Toughened Glass

In terms of the structural quality, the interlocking logs use a very clever design that allow the timber parts to be joined together without screws, reducing the likelihood of gaps appearing. The roof and floor feature 19mm tongue and groove boards, which are easy to fit and very strong. Dunster House do not charge any extra for the roof and floor, like some other companies do.

Tongue and Groove

How long does a log cabin last?

Another important feature is the pressure treated floor bearers which the cabin comes with, which come with a handy 10-year guarantee against rot and insect infestation when you buy with Dunster House.

Pressure Treated Floor Bearers

Also thrown into the mix of great features are the storm braces which are included as standard. These prevent the roof from becoming dislodged in severe weather conditions, as well as tying the cabin together and being adjustable to allow for natural movement in the timber. This is a very valuable addition to our cabins and is included at no extra cost, unlike some of our competitors.

Storm Braces

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