Are you looking for a spare part for your garden building? Here is a quick guide on everything you need to know about what spare parts we can supply and not supply, as well as how you can get in contact with our parts team!

  • How to contact the Dunster House parts department
  • Supplying climbing frame parts
  • Supply discontinued product parts

Contact the Parts Team

In order to get in touch with our parts team, you will need to email – [email protected]. You can contact us via telephone; however, you will be directed to email the parts team stating exactly what you require from the components list and the quantity. It is your responsibility to inform us of your needs. If you are unsure in regards to what the component is called or the quantity needed, we are happy to send over an instruction manual to support you. This will only be distributed out if you are the invoiced customer or if you can provide proof of delivery.

If there is any uncertainty, please do not hesitate to drop a quick email to our team, who will assist you as best as they can.

Climbing Frame Parts

The vast majority of climbing frame parts can be supplied as long as they are on the components listing for your purchased climbing frame. As our climbing frames are independently tested to meet the EN71 safety standards, we are unable to sell additional pieces, for example swing safety hooks, for your climbing frame as this is a modification of the design.

Discontinued Products

As a continuously growing company that are producing and developing new products, it will mean parts and designs will change, and possibly not be available to purchase. If you have a garden building that is no longer part of our range, the likelihood of having the part is low. However, there is no harm in checking with the team by sending over an email.

If you have any queries about spare parts for any Dunster House product, just send us an email.


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