Climbing frames are a fantastic way for you to get your children out in the garden, running around staying fit, as well as having tons of fun! However, with such a wide variety of climbing frames on the market, it can be quite confusing on which one to choose. Here is our ultimate climbing frame purchase guide for buyers!

Wooden climbing frames are perfect for families with young children, as they are strong, safe, durable, and here to last! Our playsets are suitable for children 3 – 14 years of age. This means your little ones, as well as your older kids, will have hours of fun.

Fuel Their Imagination - MaxiFort Frontier Climbing Frame

What type of wood?

When looking for a wooden climbing frame, you want to invest in a material that is of high quality. Even though your children may not play on it all year round, the climbing frame is still going to sit in your garden whatever the weather! Our climbing frames are made from slow grown spruce timber.

Tell me more…

Spruce is a much more dense, robust wood type, unlike pine which is much cheaper and less durable. All our outdoor playsets are also fully pressure treated, which is a type of treatment that forces the wood preservative into the timber, rather than simply dip treating. This treatment comes with a 10-year guarantee against rot and insect infestation.

We also ensure that the ends of the timber are treated properly as well, unlike some competitors who will ask the customer to cut the timber parts. Cutting the wood after treatment would leave the ends exposed to absorbing moisture from the ground.

Read our article on maintaining pressure treated climbing frames. 

How safe is a wooden playset? 

Purchasing an outdoor play kit, you want it to be fun, but most importantly safe! All our climbing frames and play systems go through independent tests, to make sure they are as safe as possible.

Each and every little feature of the climbing has been checked to ensure that the frame won’t buckle, there is no chance of trapping hands or feet, and there are no sharp edges which will tear clothing or scratch skin. The climbing frames are independently tested to comply with EN71 European Safety Standards.

Undoubtedly your children will run, jump, slide and hang over the climbing frame, which then you might question how secure is it to the floor? With our climbing frames, we supply super strong galvanised steel ground anchors, which come with a metal disk that you bury deep within the ground to keep the playset structure firm. The ground anchors are included with our climbing frames at no extra cost.

Climbing Frame Ground Anchors Included for Safety

Do you install the playset?

We design our climbing frames with the average DIYer in mind. You are provided with a full set of step by step pictorial instructions, alongside a range of YouTube installation videos. The DIY climbing frame kit comes with everything you require to put the climbing frame together. To reduce the amount of time you require to fix it, all bolt holes are pre drilled making it easier to align.

What is included? 

  • All fittings and fixtures
  • Metal ground anchors
  • Swing clamp hooks
  • Synthetic rope
  • Wave slide
  • Swing seats
  • Safety caps

What type of ground does the climbing frame need to be built on? 

All our climbing frames are designed for residential use, and should sit on a level foundation. You can also consider bark, foam ground matts or rubber playground mulch. This is where the ground anchors come into play, as the disk (as shown in the image) wedges into the ground.

You want to make sure that your base is as level as possible, as the climbing frame won’t be safe on a slope or hill.

Wooden Garden Climbing Frame

What are the optional extras? 

Our climbing frames come with swings, slide, monkey bars and climbing wall as standard, as well as telescope, steering wheel and hand grips (dependent on model). Depending on the age of your children, you can customise your climbing frame to make it even more fun!

Interchangeable swing options include: 

  • Duoseat
  • Baby seat
  • Ring trapeze
  • Knotted rope

To help their imaginations run wild you can add: 

  • Pirate flag
  • Steering wheel
  • Telescope

All these optional extras stated above depend on the model you go for, but this is just to give you an overview.

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