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How the History of Dunster House Helps You

It can be difficult knowing what company you can trust when it comes to buying your Log Cabin or Garden Building. Many companies can offer guarantees, we offer guarantees yourself, but how can you be sure that the company will still be there to honour the guarantee should you need them too? In this article we are going to explain how the history of Dunster House helps you.

Companies should be transparent with their history. Allowing you to see how long they have been on the market, any issues they have had and if they are going to be there if you come up with any issues with your product. Dunster House was opened in 1994 by Christopher and Pamela Murphy. Over the last two decades, we have expanded from selling domestic windows and doors to being one of the leading Garden Buildings companies on the market today. 

Dunster House is currently run by Alex Murphy, Christopher and Pamela’s son. The company still holds the family values and unique work ethic that were instilled when our doors first opened. Alex has worked for the family since he was 18, running his own factory, meaning he has hands-on experience in manufacturing and producing these products.

We are in control of every aspect of our products, from development to delivery. We have 13 distribution centres and factories in the UK, and 8 factories worldwides, all focused on the production of a certain element of the garden buildings. This helps us to deliver quality products, all quality checked to our high standards, and delivered to your door by our own fleet of drivers. 

We are not reliant on any third parties, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected delays or interruptions. We are aware of any distribution or delivery issues as they arrive so they can be handled efficiently.

Our hands on approach to our products and business helps on the rare occasion that you might have a complaint or query regarding your product. It also ensures we have extensive knowledge of our product so can give you advice and tips to common problems that arise with buildings made out of natural products such as slow grown spruce.

We have all experienced the frustration of trying to contact customer services, only to be passed from pillar to post as you try to get an answer. Our customer service department is contactable by email only. This gives the customer one point of contact but allows us to pass the query to various departments behind the scenes to get the answer to your query. It makes it less frustrating for you, and gives us the chance to provide real customer service. 

It is only through experience that we can implement these seemingly little changes that make a big difference to the buyer experience. We are always looking into new ways to make the overall buying journey as stress free and transparent as possible, something other competitors do not do. We have been on the market for years and we have no plans to stop yet.

So when you look on our website and see the words ‘10 year guarantee’, you know that we can honour it. Our sales team is happy to discuss products, guarantees or any questions you may have. They are available on 01234 272 445.

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