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How Long Does It Take to Build a Log Cabin?

You might have heard the phrase before - how long is a piece of string?


In reality, the length of time that it is going to take to install a garden building that might be up to eight metres long is entirely dependent on the following things:


  • Your DIY knowledge and competence
  • The number of people you have assisting you in the project
  • The good old British weather


Our manuals are full and comprehensive assembly instructions and our packs provide you with almost all the fixings required to assemble the product. You may find that you need to supply certain fixings yourself but if you have these in advance there will be no delay to the completion of your project.


How many people does it take to install a garden building?


It is entirely possible to put a log cabin, garden office or shed together single-handedly, but we recommend that you find at least one other person who is competent in DIY to help. However, this is not a project that will require a large team of people and many of our competent DIY customers find that two people is an optimum number.


So, how long does it take to install a garden building?


With two able-bodied people involved in the project and working at a good pace, a medium-sized log cabin takes, on average, around two full days to finish.


However, this is entirely dependent on skill, workforce, how well-organised you are- if your parts are all jumbled up across the garden instead of arranged in an accessible format, you will be held up- and on the weather, of course.

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