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How To Have The Best Easter Egg Hunt

Springtime is a lovely time of year, where the days are getting longer, the temperature is getting warmer and you can start getting out in the garden more. It’s also the time of year for Easter. We have put together some suggestions on how you can make it a memorable holiday for the whole family, including some cool ideas on how to have the best Easter egg hunt.


Creative Ideas:

With the school holidays in full swing, you have plenty of time to get creative and design some cool things, like accessories for the Easter egg hunt. Shops will also have lots of Easter themed activity packs, but you can still create your own, see our ideas below:

. Egg Painting – Either using normal or wooden eggs, your child can paint and create some pretty designs. An alternative to paint is PVA glue and glitter or felt tip/marker pens. Make sure the eggs have been emptied using a safety pin, and cover all surfaces to prevent damage. These eggs can be used as decorations around the house, and the wooden ones can even be used in the Easter egg hunt.

. Personalised Easter Baskets – Spending the days before the Easter egg hunt decorating their own basket, is a fun way to keep your child entertained. If there are more children taking part, this is a great way to make sure no one’s basket is swapped over, keeping it a fair Easter egg hunt. You can use baskets, white paper bags or even buckets, whatever you can get your hands on.

. Playdough Fun – Spend some time in the kitchen making homemade playdough, you only need a handful of basic ingredients (flour, salt, water, oil and food colouring). Adding in food colouring makes it fun and vibrant, a simple way to create hours of fun. Once it’s been made, you can seal up the playdough to use it again at another time.

. Homemade Cards – Get creative and send relatives a homemade card. You can buy stencils and stickers to help with pictures, or cut and stick from existing images. Create a card that will be cherished for more than just the Easter period.


Decorated Easter Eggs Pexels


Baking Ideas:

There’s something about baking in the Easter holidays that just makes sense, maybe it’s all of the delicious Easter treats in the shops enticing us. There are various recipes all of which are at different levels of difficulties. Below are some of our tasty suggestions:

. Crispy Chocolate Treats – You can melt chocolate and mix in some cereals, like Corn Flakes, Shreddies or Rice Krispies, to create Easter themed treats. A ‘bird’s nest’ can be made by filling up a cupcake case, pressing down the middle, and adding some small chocolate eggs for decoration. BBC GoodFood have a really fun ‘Chocolate Krispie Chick’ recipe, one that definitely looks delicious! This is also a great way to use up leftover Easter chocolate, if you have any that is!

. Fully Loaded Easter Brownies – Brownies are relatively easy to make and always go down a treat, but why not add in some tasty Easter chocolate? Adding in mini eggs, chocolate bunnies and other various themed goods will make it a fitting treat once the Easter egg hunt has come to an end.

. Easter Rocky Road – Rocky road is a great way to use up leftover sweet treats. You can put literally anything in it, and it is a delicious creation. They are relatively straightforward to make, so a nice activity to get everyone involved.

. Fruit Animals – Easter is very chocolate heavy. Therefore, to make sure there’s an element of healthiness add some fruit in. It makes the perfect breakfast before the Easter egg hunt. You can get super creative and lay out the fruit in animal shapes, like a bunny’s face or an Easter chick.


Baking Equipment Pexels


Egg Hunt Ideas:

Making the Easter egg hunt a fun activity is a must. You can create something exciting whatever your budget and whatever your child’s needs.  Check out our ideas below, perfect for an egg hunt that’s either outside or indoors.

. Easter Scavenger Hunt – Instead of letting your child run riot, you can create a fun scavenger hunt that has a map and clues for them to solve. If you have more than one child taking part, it’s a fantastic way to get them all working together. A checklist will also help the adults know what has been found and where you hid them.

. Empty Plastic Eggs – Empty plastic eggs can be found all over the shops and online. They can be super useful for a whole multitude of things, and are also perfect if you have a child who cannot eat chocolate. Here are some ideas for these plastic eggs:

  • Fill the eggs with sweets, puzzles, small toys, fruit or clues.
  • You could hide various ingredients amongst them, that once all found can create something delicious, like ingredients to bake cookies. (Make sure the ingredients are wrapped up inside!)
  • Make sure there are equal amounts of each coloured egg, and designate a specific colour to each child for them to find. This keeps it fair if there are multiple participants. 

. Easter Egg Markers – For some children Easter may be a little overwhelming, and for young ones it might be a struggle to find the hidden goods. You can create or buy little markers to catch their eye and show them where the treats are hidden. A great way to keep them engaged for longer.

. Alternative to an Egg Hunt – If you want to stay away from using chocolate and sweets in your Easter hunt, you could hide fun alternatives instead like:

  • Small toys
  • Glow sticks
  • Pens and Pencils
  • Small puzzle / colouring books
  • Hair accessories
  • Football cards

. Create an Easter Word Search – To carry on the Easter fun, why not create an Easter word search? There are loads of templates and guides on sites like Pinterest. A great way to keep the fun going whilst unwinding down from the excitement of finding eggs. You can also provide a reward once all of the words have been found.


That concludes our Easter suggestions, with plenty of ideas to give a try and make the holiday period a fun time. Don’t forget to document your day in some way!


Easter Chocolate and decorations - Pexels

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