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How To Use Your Summerhouse

A Summerhouse is a lovely addition to the garden, with lots of practical uses it’s almost an essential for your outdoors space. Below we have come up with some fantastic ideas on how you can use your Summerhouse to its best ability. 

Somewhere Snug to Relax

It’s a bit of an obvious one but using your Summerhouse as somewhere to sit and relax is simple but effective. When creating your snug Summerhouse think about some of the below options:

. Decorations: Adding relevant décor that is fit for its purpose is a must! A good starting point is to pick a theme for your space, then create a mood board containing all of your inspiration. This is a great way to then decide exactly what you want to include within the dream summerhouse setup.

. Furniture: Choosing your furniture will help you pinpoint exactly what vibe you are going for. For example, a soft cushioned sofa creates a different atmosphere to a rattan set. Something that is soft on the eyes and gentle to touch would be perfect to help create a snug area to relax and unwind

. Lighting: To bring the dream to life, you will need to consider what lighting you will opt for. To help create somewhere relaxing and calming look into lamps or fairy lights, these create a soft aura perfect for the evenings. 

. Accessories: Blankets, candles and soft cushions are ideal accessories to add to your summerhouse. These will take the cosiness scale through the roof and help create a zen space to kick your feet up in.  


Somewhere For a Party

It’s not just our Log Cabins that are good for garden bars, our Summerhouses can also be used to create a fun space to enjoy your favourite cocktail. 

We love to see how customers have decorated their garden bars and how they are being used. Whether you want to go for a rustic vibe or more of a modern-day sleek look the choice is completely yours. 

We recommend doing a bit of research on what exactly you want your Summerhouse to look like once it is finished. You can find a whole multitude of inspiration on sites like Pinterest and Instagram (make sure you are following us on both sites for frequently posted customer photos).

You could even get your DIY game on and dabble in a bit of upcycling to help create your dream garden bar accessories.


Somewhere For a Playroom

Having extra room in the house to store away toys, games and goodness knows what children find, can sometimes be impossible. Our Summerhouses are great for creating additional space to play in and hide away those toys.

With the Summerhouse being outdoors, you do not need to worry about guests having to manoeuvre their way around Lego bricks and doll houses, you can simply shut the chaos away in the heart of your garden. 

Our Summerhouses can be the perfect blank canvas to create an exciting environment to let your children’s imagination run wild when playing with their favourite toys. Simultaneously it could also be the perfect arts and craft studio for both yourself and the children. 

We would love to see what you use your Summerhouse for, whatever it’s purpose! So be sure to send us some photos of your beautiful space.

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