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Our Log Cabins plus outdoor gym equipment = Luxury Gym!

Were you one of the hundreds of thousands of people who took part in Joe Wicks workouts during the lockdown of 2020? As the world returns to its normal pace, you may be worrying about how you are going to fit a full-body workout in whilst balancing work, home and the school run. The answer is simple: make your own gym. You supply the outdoor gym equipment, we’ll supply the Log Cabin!

The global pandemic brought the importance of fitness, health and living a healthier lifestyle into the forefront of everyone's minds. People suddenly became very aware of the spread of germs, and how easily simple coughs and colds were transmitted. It is only natural that, even when the gyms open, you don’t feel comfortable entering that environment again.

The addition of a Log Cabin means you are more likely to reap the health benefits of a daily workout. With your gym just a minutes walk through the garden, and still on the property, you can easily fit it in when the children have gone to bed or in the evening before you sleep.

A home gym shouldn’t be any less luxurious than your local gym. Gone are the days where home gym would bring images of disused garages and basements to your mind. With our Log Cabins, your gym can be a light, airy space that you look forward to going into each day. 

You can create a gym that works exclusively for you. All outdoor fitness equipment will be chosen by you so will be exclusively targeted for your workout. The customer below turned his Log Cabin into a home gym and, we may be biased, but we think it looks better than most public gyms.

outdoor gym equipment set up in Severn Log Cabin

No membership costs

The cost of a gym membership can quickly add up over time. The burden of paying out upwards of £30/£40 each month for a gym you don’t have time to go to as much as you would like can be frustrating. 

After the initial cost of sourcing high-quality gym equipment and a Log Cabin, you have no more outgoing expenses for the gym. You don’t have to worry about increasing sign up fees, monthly membership, contract cancellation costs or any of the other hidden fees you can find when using a gym.

No eyes on you

Walking through the gym can easily make you feel self-conscious. You can get nervous as you feel eyes on you, especially when you are first working out. Then there is the awkwardness of open changing rooms.

Working out in your own gym takes the stress out of it. Wear what you want, blast your favourite workout music and put the fun back into exercising. It doesn’t matter what you look like as long as you feel like putting in your best work. When you’ve finished, close up your gym and get changed in the comfort of your own home.

outdoor gym equipment in a garden log cabin

No sharing equipment

One of the most common reasons why people miss a workout at the gym is that they ‘don’t have time’. This is completely understandable when you factor in commuting time, finding a parking space, getting changed, working out, waiting for other gym users to get out of the shower and then coming out. The time around your workout can easily take a 30 minute streamline workout and make it an hour. An hour that you don’t have. 

Most gym users know exactly what machines they need to target which muscles on any particular day. This can cause problems when more than one gym user wants to use the same machine, even more so if it is a popular piece of equipment. You can end up waiting a while to get your workout done, or even missing it completely as you run out of time. 

By putting the range of outdoor equipment that best fits your workout, you eliminate any waiting for other gym users and streamline your workout.

Take your workouts to the next level without the neighbours complaining about the noise with our Log Cabins. Your gym equipment will be kept secure with our industry leading 4 point lock and 4mm toughened glass as standard - this means you can sleep well knowing your investment is secure.

We have used customer photos throughout this blog, showing you exactly how others have turned their cabins into home gyms, and how they might look in your garden. We hope this will serve as inspiration for you but, if you do have any further questions about our wide range of Log Cabins, do not hesitate to call our sales team on 01234 791550.

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