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We deliver our garden buildings to mainland United Kingdom (England, Wales and Scotland). Some exceptions apply; these are illustrated on the map below.

Scottish areas may be subjected to slightly longer delivery turnarounds, please contact us for details. FREE delivery on selected products over £199 to mainland England and Wales.
*Excludes rabbit products which are subject to a delivery charge.

Delivery Price

Green - £19.99 delivery fee on all orders under £200.
Yellow - £59.99 delivery fee, was £119.99 prior to 10/09/15
Orange - £84.99 delivery fee. was £169.99 prior to 10/09/15
Red - We do not deliver to these areas.

Assisted Delivery

If you cannot provide an able bodied person to offload the vehicle with the help of our driver, we can provide additional manpower with our Assisted Delivery Service. The driver will arrive with some help to unload the lorry, meaning that you can put your feet up.

We offer this service on all items that are delivered, we do not offer this on our couriered products. Prices for this service can be found on individual products.

Should you require further information on our standard or assisted delivery services, please contact a member of our Sales Team.

Scottish areas may be subjected to slightly longer delivery turnarounds, please contact us for details.

Pressure Treated

The image above shows a brief reference to how your products will arrive. All of our garden buildings are made from kiln dried quality graded timber, if it is to be stored prior to construction and treatment all parts must be covered to prevent moisture from warping and rotting the timber.

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There are currently no reviews for this product, but here are reviews for other similar products.
Average Seller Rating:

Pro''s Sturdy, decent quality and should last a long time. Kids love it. Looks nice. Cons Takes AGES to build and requires lots of manual drilling. For a product of this price there should be more pre-drilled holes. Very disappointed with this. The dunster house metal plate was on upside down. There is a note in the manual to say it may be upside down - so why not fix this at the factory?! Again for the money I expect better quality control. The ground spikes are very difficult to get in far enough.
By - Ste Lancaster on Aug 18,17

Excellent product and service from Dunster House. Having researched between a few companies, the quality is definitely superior and a worthy investment. Children are very pleased with the outcome. Self assembly includes drilling pilot holes, measuring, and ensuring things are level, so would strongly urge a competent level of DIY skill and recommend building at least the main tower on a flat and level surface (i.e. not on your lawn or the final resting place). Overall very pleased with both the product and the service, and would highly recommend Dunster House and this mid-level product.
By - Gareth Lloyd on Aug 16,17

We bought this climbing frame and swing set as a joint birthday present for our two young children. I put it up myself and whilst this did take a full day to do, the instructions are clear and it is simple to erect (although make sure you have an electric screwdriver, because there are a lot of long screws). The end product is solid and looks great in the garden. We are really pleased with it and the kids love it too. Highly recommended.
By - Christopher Hodgson on Aug 15,17

Great piece of kit, managed to put it all together myself with just a hand needed to get the roof sections up. Highly recommend you get hold of two battery drills and use one for the pilot holes and one for screwing the sections together it would make things a lot faster. It's very stable once built but I added the ground anchors just to be sure - I had an old one I attached to a battery drill and used to create the holes then used post pix to secure in place. Was planning on adding a rope swing to the other side of the monkey bars but it's a much thinner beam than the side with the swings attached so I just exchange it when required. Found the swings were too high for my youngest (3) at 560mm from the ground and got them exchanged as tolerance is 350 - 550mm apparently.
By - Matthew Rason on Aug 03,17

The Lodge came not properly packed. It was impossible to work out on whether all the parts are complete or not. In my view when selling such an item the parts have to be properly packed and well protected. Very disappointing. Had to pay another company 40£ to get the parts well protected. Unlikely to use your company again.
By - Malek Chanawani on Aug 03,17

This is a great investment. My sons reaction when he first saw it will be a treasured memory for years to come. Took a couple of hours to put together but instructions were clear and easy to follow. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend
By - Emma Newell on Aug 03,17

We bought the climbing frame and found it easy to assemble. Our grandchildren love it and play every day in it. Wonderfully strong and materials of excellent quality. Best thing we ever got.
By - Gerry Corrigan on Aug 03,17

This is a good product. The packaging looks quite small when it's delivered but everything is there. The wood and the majority of the screws (save 2 or 3) and bolts are good quality. Mine got delivered on a wet day so make sure you let the wood dry out before attempting to assemble it otherwise you'll have problems. I managed to do the majority of it myself but you do need a second person at times. My son loves it and will hopefully enjoy it for many years to come. Well worth the money.
By - Brendan Burke on Aug 01,17

The ordering process is easy by phone but delivery issues are a major factor and problems have to be sorted out by email as customer service staff refuse to deal with matters by phone thats when they actually answer the phone!The fort is good once you manage to measure all the pieces as no lettering or numbering on the parts.Once assembled its lovely and well made.
By - ROBIN Loakes on Jul 22,17

Excellent service from start to finish. Everything arrived on time and communication was really good. I labelled all the wood to make it easier to follow the instructions, which worked well. I followed most of the instructions myself, but an extra pair of hands was really welcome when attaching the steps and monkey bars together, due to the height. All of the wood is really good quality and has been properly treated, so should last well. The final result is an extremely robust park, which my boys are thoroughly enjoying! Would definitely use DunsterHouse again! Great work.
By - Jamie Thompson on Jul 18,17

this was delivered promptly and drivers helpful, great quality, good value, well built, strong and sturdy easy to put together with detailed instructions, my kids love it.
By - nick yeaman on Jul 18,17

Excellent product, well designed, with good instructions. It does take a while to construct - don't believe the reviewer who said he did it in an hour and a half - he must have had a team of 6! It took two of us five hours, but this is inevitable as you've got to pre-drill two or three hundred holes. The instructions are clear to follow and the quality of the parts is high. The only area that could be made much easier is the roof, which is awkward to get square and tight. If it could be provided exactly the right length, with pre-sewn pockets in the ends to slide the fixing timbers into, it would make life much easier. That said, the finished fort is brilliant and represents very good value for money. My grandchildren absolutely love it! Highly recommended.
By - Mike Horton on Jul 12,17

My girls absolutely love this play frame. Two of us built it in a day. All seems excellent quality and will hopefully last until the kids have grown up. They love the monkey bars and trapeze and are constantly out playing in their 'park' rather than sitting watching tv. Well worth the money, would highly recommend.
By - Jac Cusworth on Jul 04,17

Climbing frame arrived promptly. Delivery was OK, it was a one man delivery but two turned up and despite the fact there were two only one helped unload! Very strange. Frame is fairly straightforward to assemble. Check all the parts are there and read through and understand the instructions before you start, it doesn't take long and will save potential issues later. A drill with a 3/3.2mm HSS is essential as is a separate drill/driver with a size 2PZ fitted. Nuts use 17mm socket/spanner. I substituted A2 stainless screws on the whole and used some felt as a cap for the roof, will add anti pigeon spikes to the monkey bar rails in due time. Worked by myself with minimal help to lift the roof up. Good luck.
By - Grant Murfin on Jun 12,17

Love this climbing frame...really good quality strong timber...can see that it will last for years to come..Glad I got my carpenter friend to construct though as could see that it would have been a challenge for us. Everything provided for construction...Roof def needed two pairs of hands to lift into place. Paid for the two man delivery..worth it as its solid timber & pretty heavy plus they don't leave it on the curb then...My little girl loves it & couldn't wait to use it...I paid for the extra climbing stones for extra safety...the whole process was flawless..delivered when issues..very friendly staff
By - Andrea Whittle on Jun 10,17

Good quality climbing frame for our grandchildren. They are having many hours of fun. The overall experience with Dunster House has been faultless from order to delivery and eventually for us to assembly. I would recommend this company.
By - Shelley Hadfield on Jun 09,17

Fantastic product, great service and swift delivery. PS.... My kids love it!
By - Neil Owens on Jun 06,17

we never planned to go for the mega fort, we were going to go for a simple two swing with a tower combo but then when we saw this our inner child screamed at us to go bigger, especially as we had the soace. It was quite dear in price and we did deliberate over this for a while but we are so pleassed that it is up and the kids are on it all the time. We love the quality look and feel of it. I just wish there wed a few more swing accessories as we really wanted a nest swing and had to buy this from Amazon. We would highly recommend dunster house, the customer service was great, they called to arrange delivery and were very helpful when placing the order.
By - Harpreet Thandi on May 29,17

I am very unhappy with this product. It is not particularly sturdy, the roof is not waterproof and my one-year old is too tall to fit through the door without banging his head - my 8 year old niece can only get into the house by crawling in and then can't turn around so she has to crawl out backwards. Despite it being advertised as being suitable up to 10 years, I strongly question this and urge you to ask for all measurements (via email so if you are misinformed you have it in writing) before buying it. Before buying this product, a member of the Dunster House Sales team told me that the ladder could go on either side. This was important as it would only fit safely in the space I had for it one way, I was told this would not be a problem. Half way through building, it became apparent that I had been misinformed. I contacted the Dunster House after sales team immediately, but they told me I could only return the product if I drove it back to their head office (in North Lincolnshire) in the condition it was delivered in. This was obviously not possible as I had already starting building it and therefore drilled some holes in it. I thought this was unfair as it was their mistake, not mine, but they said all they could do was apologise and that they'd offer their staff further training in future.
By - Laura Moreton on May 28,17 Dunster House reply:
Dear Laura, thank you for your email. Although you have made some fair and reasonable comments in your review, we do not have any record to support a number of your assertions. The website specification clearly states that that product is suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 10. That being the case, you were advised that the illustrations on our website constitute guidelines to assist customer choice, because although the average height of a 10 year old is 4ft 8in there are many who are above or below this height.

my daughter loves it, excellent quality a great service from start to finish. Very good instructions made it clear what parts I would need for each part of the build.
By - chris cooke on May 26,17

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