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Sew Nice! The Perfect Log Cabin for Setting up Shop
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  • Product: Tarian 300 5.5m x 3m 45mm
  • Category: Log Cabin
  • Year Purchased: 2013
  • Tags: Work, Art/Craft

Sew Nice! The Perfect Log Cabin for Setting up Shop

Sew nice log cabin

This case study centres on Graham and Mandy Geall. The couple live in Bognor Regis and have two sons. Graham owns a haulage company and wife Mandy works from home as a seamstress, making curtains and soft furnishings to order from their lovely Dunster House log cabin.

This is their story.

House getting a little cramped

Graham and Mandy wanted more space for Mandy's sewing business, as they were both getting fed up with the amount of clutter hanging around the house. In January 2014, the couple opted for Dunster Housea Tarian 300 5.5m x 3m 45mm.

Graham was impressed by the huge selection of garden buildings available and their affordability.

"We visited garden centres for log cabins at first. Truthfully, they all looked a bit flimsy and cost thousands. So we went online and found Dunster House, a great website, with any size available."

We asked Graham and Mandy if they had any design ideas in mind, prior to making their Dunster House purchase. Graham said,

"We didn't design our cabin as such; we just wanted one which let in plenty of light, with bi-folding doors. Also, one that was big enough to take a three metre work table. Painting it was always the plan as there are so many fab exterior paints available, even though we have painted it quite a neutral colour."

sew nice log cabin in the garden

The building process

The Gealls made sure that once they had selected their Dunster House cabin, they were ready for its construction, arranging for a concrete base to be laid weeks in advance of the building's arrival.

Graham commented on how helpful the Dunster House team were throughout the entire installation process.

"Dunster House were great, providing us with tips, making it so easy to order online and updating us at all times regarding dispatch and delivery dates. Owning a haulage company came in handy as well, as we used a crane lorry to unload it into our garden," he said.

Graham also noted that there were no complications or challenges in putting the garden building up. He said, "All in all it was a very smooth construction project, no hiccups, no parts missing. It was amazing how it all fitted together and now we have a fab garden building at the end of it."

sewing studio log cabin

Adding the finishing touches

Mandy wanted to make sure that the log cabin looked great as well as being a highly functional space for her sewing business.

Graham commented on some of the highlights of the decoration process.

"We went to London to pick up some great shelving, as you can see from the picture it was a nightmare to install, but they fit perfectly. Once finished and decorated the cabin looked great. The fireplace came from eBay, which looks great inside, the hanging baskets etc...all make it look lovely," he said.

sewing room

The perfect sewing room

We wondered how the Gealls' new Dunster House cabin was received by friends and family members visiting the house. Graham said, "When people come round they are amazed at how lovely it looks, I think Mandy has put her mark on it and it does look stunning, especially on a sunny day."

We asked if the couple had any further plans for modifying their sewing room.

"As it stands there are no further modifications needed. What we ordered online was exactly what came. We just need Mandy to get busy and make lots of curtains, so it can pay for itself!"

And would they buy from Dunster House again?

"Yes definitely, we have told all our friends to go online at Dunster House to have a look at your huge range," said Graham.

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