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Summerhouse Features - The Top Features
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Expand your living space by venturing out into the garden. Escape from the day to day life of chores and responsibilities and unwind in one of our timber summerhouses. Enjoy the garden all year round with an outdoor room. Embrace the beauty of the garden whatever the weather forecast is.


Summerhouses come in all shapes, sizes and styles. However, how can you ensure you are investing in a life long summerhouse? Discover some of the top features of our summerhouses.

Summerhouse Features Blue Terminator Log Cabin


Pressure Treated Floor Bearers


Firstly, any Dunster House garden building, not just summer houses come with fully pressure treated floor bearers. They are guaranteed against rot and insect infestation for 10 years! The foundation that the summerhouse is going to be built on is incredibly important. Therefore, the floor bearers come at no extra cost as stability and durability is a key priority for us. 


Enjoy transforming and designing your summerhouse however you wish to, as the remaining of the building is untreated. Personalise and add your own unique touch making it the perfect place for you and your family to unwind. 


4 Point Locking System


The security of any windows and doors are important, therefore we haven’t compromised on the locking system that comes on our summerhouses. All summerhouses come with an industry 4-point locking which consists of mushroom-headed espagnolettes which slide in opposite directions alongside the 6-pin Euro cylinder. With a highly advanced locking system it makes it harder for intruders to gain access to your summerhouse. 


The doors are not only secured, but the windows all come with a multipoint locking mechanism. Additionally, the windows are internally beaded meaning no one can break into the building from the outside.


Toughened Glass


Accidents happen whether that is inside the house or outside in the garden. The glass that has been used in windows and doors is a 4mm toughened glass - far superior to horticultural glass, perspex or acrylic. The 45mm wall thickness or insulated summerhouses come with double glazed windows too, not only providing better security but helping the insulation of the garden room. 


Slow Grown Spruce


Our summerhouses are made from high-quality slow-grown spruce timber, a far better wood than pine or mixed timbers. There are many properties of slow grown spruce that outshine other alternatives. 


Spruce is known to be more durable and stable as it expands and contracts a lot less than pine. Less expansion or contraction will minimise the gaps between the timber, particularly as timber changes throughout each season. Choose a summerhouse that is made to last! Slow grown spruce is more resilient to warps and splits compared to others. There are fewer knots and sap produced. 


Due to the nature of the timber being a whitewood the likelihood of it discolouring is far less, making the overall look of the summerhouse a lot more attractive. Mixing timbers is less costly for the manufacturer, however, the summerhouse has a combination of redwood and whitewood taking away the high-quality standard of the product. 


Tongue and Groove


All our summerhouses come as a DIY kit, so to make that build process as easy as possible the summerhouses come with tongue and groove interlocking logs. What does this mean? 


The summerhouse logs glide and interlock into one another easily and flush making the whole structure sturdy and strong. Essentially it is like a giant puzzle! Depending on what wall thickness you opt for will determine whether the logs will have single, double or triple grooves. 


To ensure construction is as simple and efficient as can be, all windows and double doors come pre-assembled meaning you just slot these in too.


Tongue & Groove Floor and Roof Included


There are no hidden costs with our summerhouses, the 19mm tongue and groove roof and floor are included. Add insulation to the roof and floor if you wish, especially if you plan to use your summerhouse all year round. 

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