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Terms and Conditions

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Our Terms and Conditions for products are shown directly below. 


For further information regarding our products, please click here to visit our Consumer Information page


About Us


Dunster House Ltd. is dedicated to your total satisfaction. If you have any suggestions or comments please contact us.



Contact Details:



Dunster House Ltd.
Factory 1
Caxton Road
Elms Farm Industrial Estate
MK41 0LF
Phone: 01234 272445
Fax: 01234 272588






VAT Registration Number: 623 8011 69
Company Number: 02913901



Terms and Conditions


By purchasing from Dunster House Ltd. it is assumed that the customer agrees to all terms and conditions. If you do not, please contact us in writing before any attempt to deliver or collect goods occurs in order to cancel your order for a full refund. Please note we do not install products. 

1. Building Regulations

1.1 Meeting building regulations is the joint responsibility of the builder and the landowner, not of the supplier (us), nevertheless we want to make it clear that our products are not intended to be used where building regulations are required, so we have set out circumstances below so that you can easily check whether or not building regulations are likely to apply to you. By purchasing this product, the customer agrees with all of the following statements:



2. Delivery - Standard Service

2.1 Kerbside Delivery only.

2.2 You will need to ensure that someone is available all day on the day of delivery that is capable of assisting the driver in offloading the goods when they arrive. They will need to be capable of lifting heavy items of up to 25kg as we may only send out one driver with our standard delivery service and some items weigh up to 50kg. In the event that such a person is not present when the delivery vehicle arrives, goods will be returned to our premises and an attempted delivery charge will apply, see term 6. Products are typically delivered on a flatbed 7.5 ton truck (no crane) so will need to be unloaded by hand. Should you be unable or unwilling to help unload the delivery please contact our sales department ahead of your delivery date to discuss if the two person delivery option is available for your product and we will then unload the goods in line with the two person service terms below.


3. Delivery - Two Person Service

3.1 Please check the individual page of the product you are purchasing as our two person delivery option is not available on all products. If your product and location is eligible for our two person delivery service there may be an additional charge which will be displayed in the delivery section on the product page.

3.2 Goods will be carried up to 50m from the delivery vehicle (Safely Parked at Kerbside) onto your property providing that access allows this, as set out below.

3.3 We do not carry items through a customer’s decorated building, e.g. a house. We will carry items through an outbuilding such as a garage where possible. It is up to the customer to remove anything from the outbuilding that could be damaged e.g. whilst large pieces of timber are carried through. Please bear in mind that depending on the size of the product some timbers can be up to 6m in length.

3.4 A clear route must be available for our delivery team to carry the goods from the kerbside to where you wish them to be placed. The route must be at least 750mm wide, free from obstructions (e.g. sharp corners, walls/fences, trees, overhanging obstacles) and allow good footing by the delivery team (e.g. not have slip or trip hazards, steep inclines or declines). Adequate space should be available to place the goods at the end of the route. Should you be completely unable to provide any adequate space for the goods to be placed with a clear route to such space, then the goods will be delivered to kerbside for onward movement by the customer or returned with the driver in which case an attempted delivery charge will apply, see term 6.We do not carry items through a customer’s neighbours garden or property.


4. Delivery - ALL Services

4.1 Time shall not be of the essence in this contract. We always use our best endeavours to deliver on the ‘Anticipated delivery date’ (shown on your copy of the order confirmation if you have chosen a delivery date prior to this being printed) or within the ‘Delivery within approximately’ timeframe (shown on your copy of the order confirmation if no specific date has been chosen yet). In the unlikely event that something delays your delivery, we will contact you to reorganise your delivery date within a reasonable period of time.

4.2 We will always contact you to agree a delivery date with you prior to us actually delivering, or alternatively you can use our ‘book your own delivery date service’ online at the point of order. If you have any questions about your delivery date, please ring our dispatch team on the telephone number given on the first page of the order confirmation.

4.3 We operate throughout England, Scotland and Wales over large areas between depots we cannot give timed deliveries. Deliveries can occur between 8:00am and 7:00pm on the day of delivery. You can track your delivery vehicle on our web-site on the day of delivery so that you know how far away from you it is at any particular time on that day.

4.4 Please ensure that someone with the authority to accept the goods (you or your agent) is available all day on the day of delivery. Should we arrive and find that no-one is present to accept the goods we will leave and an attempted delivery charge will apply, see term 6.

4.5 You must advise us if there are access difficulties, we generally deliver with a 7.5-ton HGV flatbed truck which is 8m long and 2.6m wide.  We need an access route/road capable of taking this size of vehicle. Several of our products typically weigh between 1.0 ton and 4.0+ ton. Damage to lawns, flower beds, driveways etc. on or adjacent to a narrow or difficult access route will be the responsibility of the customer. If we try to deliver, using the normal vehicle, and cannot do so due to foreseeable problems such as access restrictions, width of road etc. then the goods will be returned to our premises and an attempted delivery charge will apply, see term 6, unless you have given us prior written notice that this size of vehicle will not be capable of delivering to your site.

4.6 Any damaged/broken parts must be noted on the delivery discrepancy note and returned* with the driver at the point of delivery or if the damage is not noticed during delivery then this needs to be reported within 2 calendar days from receipt of delivery. (*In the unlikely event that the glass for a Garden Building window or door is noted as broken on delivery then if you wish to have a new piece cut locally, which is likely to be a quicker way to resolve this, we will refund you up to £25 per single pane (£50 per double glazed unit) - alternatively please return the window or door with the driver at the point of delivery.)

4.7 If items are missing this must be noted on the delivery discrepancy note if noticed at point of delivery or within 2 calendar days from receipt of delivery and we will then deliver them within a reasonable timeframe.

4.8 Our Drivers are not authorised to accept changes to our Delivery Notes, Terms & Conditions or give technical help

4.9 All of our products come wrapped in protective packaging for transporting from our factory to your door. As we deliver on 7.5 ton flatbed trucks, our drivers are unable to secure packaging to take it away with them, in case it were to blow onto the road, so this must be disposed of by the customer. However, until you have fully installed your garden building the packaging is likely to help with protecting stored parts and part built products from the elements.


5. Back Orders

5.1 Although we hold large stocks of items, if the particular item/s you have ordered are not in stock, we will back order for you. Should this mean that delivery will occur later than the ‘anticipated delivery date’ or ‘delivery within approximately’ timeframe then when we contact you to arrange a delivery date you can, if you prefer not to wait, cancel the order and receive a full refund providing that we haven’t already delivered or attempted to deliver any items (in which case cancellation may still be possible but reasonable deductions for our costs may be made from any refund given).


6. Additional Costs  

6.1 If we attempt a delivery and are unable to do so due to a breach of our delivery terms by the customer then we will make a charge for that attempted delivery which is payable prior to any re-delivery. This will represent the true cost of that delivery and will be charged as outlined below in 6.2 assuming our normal methods/vehicles were utilised.

The attempted delivery costs for orders up to a value of £1000 are £50

The attempted delivery costs for orders between a value of £1000 and £3500 are £200

The attempted delivery cost for orders over £3500 are £400

In the unlikely event that we attempted to deliver to you by courier then we will charge you the courier’s cost-plus packaging.

6.2 If there are any additional costs associated with any re-delivery due to a change being required to our normal method of delivery as outlined in our delivery terms for the redelivery then this charge will also be given to the customer and payable before such redelivery takes place.


7. Payment

7.1 Payment must be made in full in cleared funds at least 2 working days before delivery (if we are delivering to you) or up to the day of collection (if you are collecting the goods).

7.2 If we are delivering to you and you are paying with a Credit/Debit card it will need to be either; registered to the delivery address; or, have passed a 3D secure check (sometimes known as 'verified by Visa' or similar - only possible with online payments); or, you can pay by Chip and Pin at one of our branches. You can also pay by bank transfer, remotely, or by cash (exact change) at one of our branches.

7.3 If you are collecting you can pay in cash (exact change) or credit/debit card by Chip and Pin as you collect.

7.4 Cheques, Bankers Draft or Printed Building Society Cheques are not accepted as cleared funds (as they can be fraudulent) and must be received by us a minimum of 10 working days before delivery/collection.


8. Your Right to Cancel: (Sold at a Distance)

8.1 Unless the customer has placed an order on premises at one of our show sites or exhibitions, customers who order by telephone, mail order or on-line have the right to cancel. The cancellation period will expire after 14 days from the day on which you or your agent acquires physical possession of the last good.

8.2 Any notification of cancellation must be made in a clear statement in writing, either by post to Customer Services, Dunster House Ltd. Factory 1, Caxton Road, Bedford, MK41 0LF, or email to If you wish to use our Cancellation Form then please find it on the following web page, if you use this form we will send an automated e-mail to the e-mail address you put on the form as an acknowledgement of receipt of the form. In case of dispute it is the customer’s responsibility to show when/if the contract was cancelled.

8.3 The goods must be returned no later than 14 days after the day on which cancellation is made.

8.4 The goods should be returned in their original condition as at the time of delivery other than handling necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods.

8.5 Returned goods will be inspected and refunds will take place within 14 days after the items have been returned.

8.6 Refunds may be subject to a deduction up to the contract price covering any reasonable costs incurred by the Company, such as: attempted delivery costs in the case of any failed delivery attempts which were the fault of the customer, increased delivery costs if you have chosen something other than our least expensive delivery service, cost of items not returned in original condition other than handling necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods (e.g. the goods have had treatment applied to them by the customer, or have become weathered or damaged).

8.7 If any of the goods form a commercial unit, then the customer cannot reject or cancel the order for some of those goods without also rejecting or cancelling the order for the rest of them. A unit is a ‘commercial unit’ if division of the unit would materially impair the value of the goods or the character of the unit.

8.8 If the customer cancels whilst the goods are being actively delivered by one of our delivery vehicles then the Company will be able to bring back those goods being delivered at that time on the same vehicle and will do so without deduction from the refund for that delivery/collection.

8.9 If the customer cancels any goods after they have been delivered then the customer will make suitable arrangements to return such Goods at the customer’s own cost and risk or you can contact us to arrange collection of the goods, this will be chargeable and the rates will be £500 for log cabins and offices, £50 for climbing frames and other products including gazebos. Depending upon the method used to return the Goods the cost to the customer will vary, and may be up to the total contract price. Your statutory rights are not affected.





9.  Rectifying Defects

9.1 We will supply goods that are in conformity with the contract. However, should any defect occur with the product within a reasonable period after delivery please ensure the invoiced customer (named person on order contacts us in writing, either by post to Customer Services, Dunster House Ltd. Factory 1, Caxton Road, Bedford, MK41 0LF, or email to include either your order number starting with SO or your postcode so we are able to locate you on our system.

9.2 Please note that any problems that occur due to the natural properties of the materials are not defects; please see the ‘Consumer Advice’ section for more information, although this information is not exhaustive.

9.3 We will request clear photos to illustrate the reported defect and its cause so that we can determine the means to rectify it prior to any rectification. This may involve taking photos of parts of your product which you believe are unconnected to the defect but which may nevertheless be the cause of it.

9.4 If a defect occurs which is the fault of the Company, the Company will give you appropriate options which may include replacement, repair or partial refund.

9.5 Where the defect is deemed to be the customer’s fault for any reason e.g. unsuitable base/site, poor maintenance, use of defective materials supplied by the customer or misuse of the product, any rectification will be chargeable to the customer.

9.6 If you do not give us a reasonable opportunity to rectify any defect we will not reimburse you if you choose to rectify it yourself or with a third party.



10. Cancellation by us

10.1 Your order might be cancelled if the goods you ordered were listed at an incorrect price due to a typographical error or an error in the pricing information received by us from our supplier.

10.2 We may cancel the order if we have offered at least 3 different delivery dates and these dates have been refused by the customer.

10.3 We may cancel the order if you fail to pay for the goods as outlined in the section 'Payment'.

10.4 If we do cancel your order we will notify you and will refund you within 14 days. We will not be obliged to offer any additional compensation for disappointment suffered.


11. Reaching us

11.1 If you need to reach us, prior to delivery please

Call us on: 01234 272 445, or

Write to us at: Dunster House Ltd, Factory 1, Caxton Road, Elms Farm Industrial Estate, Bedford, Bedfordshire, MK41 0LF, or

Call in to one of our branches

For all post-delivery enquires please write to us detailing your query through either: e-mail at or post your enquiry to: Customer Services, Dunster House Ltd, Caxton Road, Bedford, MK41 0LF. This will enable us to comprehend your query and respond appropriately and professionally. Please refer to our website for Customer Services opening times.


12. Privacy Policy

12.1 We are committed to protecting your privacy. We will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully (in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998). For details of our privacy policy please refer to our web-site


13. Credit Card Security

13.1 Our form pages are secured using High Level 128-bit SSL Encryption. Credit card payments are processed by Sage Pay (formally Protx) using secure servers. All credit card numbers are encrypted in the software when the order is placed and are only decrypted after they reach our computer. They are not held in clear text on any web site.


14. Invalidity/Severability

14.1 If any term or other provision of this Agreement is determined to be invalid, illegal or incapable of being enforced by any rule or law, or public policy it will be severed from the Agreement. All other terms and provisions of this Agreement shall nevertheless remain in full force and effect.


15. Important

15.1 Dunster House products are designed for Competent DIY assembly by two or more adults.

15.2 Please ensure that the products have been physically delivered and check that all parts are present and correct before confirming an assembly date or prior to engaging a third party to carry out the installation so that in the unlikely event that parts may be missing, wrong or damaged you ensure we have reasonable time* to arrange for delivery of new parts. (*Please note that a reasonable time would typically be within one to two weeks assuming replacement parts are in stock, however if we have to back order or manufacture parts then the time frame may be longer). Remember that should you choose to use an external person or persons to assemble your products then allow time for them to understand the instructions and the parts delivered to your home. 

15.3 All our Timber products are batch manufactured, sometimes weeks before delivery.  All timbers are checked for the standards we have set before we band the various packs. Between the assembly time and the despatch/delivery time timbers will continue to adjust, sometimes more evident in pressure treated sections, due to their natural properties. This can be seen in any timber yard supplying Spruce or Pine. Timber products, once on site, will continue to react to weather conditions due to the fibrous nature of the material. Once assembled the internal environment created within the building will also affect the movement of the timber. With the exception of bearers, unless otherwise stated in the product description, our timber is planed and comparatively smooth.

15.4 Any machine work on sections will have been carried out whilst the timber sections are Kiln Dried to a moisture content of 18% or below. Where holes have been predrilled, they may require onsite adjustment if the timber has absorbed more moisture. The characteristics of timber are not those of extruded plastics, aluminium or other metals and will change far more noticeably with time and weather conditions. We supply many thousands of our products each year to many satisfied customers who understand the beauty of handling and working with a natural material and the quality of our timber compared to the industry norm is high, please read some of the Testimonials on our website. You can also view our products at our display sites as we are not an internet-only Company. If you are not competent in understanding the nature of these types of timbers for use in an external environment, as we do not supply internal finish timbers, please do not purchase our products.

15.5 The development and appearance of the natural properties of timber are not defects with the product/s and are not a reason for trying to claim for repairs, replacements or refunds. We supply timber products designed for external garden use and our designs take into account the structural integrity of timber's natural properties.

15.6 You will need to apply a quality wood preservative to all untreated timbers to protect them. You may also wish to seal the timber with a suitable high grade external timber sealer.

15.7 To assemble our timber products, you will need a reasonable variety of DIY tools, socket set, saw, hammer, drills, level etc. to facilitate drilling, nailing, sawing, screwing and checking for square level and plumb assembly and you will have to ensure that the base for your garden building will be level and square.

15.8 Sizes shown throughout our website or other literature are approximations and should be interpreted as such.

15.9 Please be aware that there may be minor differences between the products on display at our display sites or as shown on our web-site, and the goods which are supplied, as our designs change over time.

15.10 Upon receiving your goods, we recommend you follow the assembly instructions carefully step by step, as we will not be held liable for damage claims due to incorrect assembly. Our Guarantees do not include cover the following should the product fail or not perform due to the following: failure to correctly assemble the goods as per the assembly instructions, wilful damage, negligence and incorrect use. If you cannot locate your instructions please check the customer log in area on our website to download your instructions or contact our customer services department at

15.11 These Terms and Conditions can only be amended in writing by a Director of Dunster House Ltd.


16. Force Majeure

16.1 Under these Terms & Conditions “Force Majeure” is defined as any cause beyond our control including, but not limited to, War, Act of God, Act of Terrorism, Fire, Flood, Explosion, Natural Catastrophes, Civil/Military Disturbances, Strikes, Theft or Weather.

 16.2 We will not be held liable or responsible for any failure or delay in our obligations under these Terms and Conditions if the failure or delay is caused by Force Majeure. 






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