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The Cost Effective Conservatory Alternative

In today’s world, many of us often find ourselves craving more space and flexibility in our homes. Whether it’s a need for a dedicated home office, a simple rear house extension for more living space, or your very own home gym. This is where an Addroom DIY extension comes into the picture! Addrooms offer a versatile, cost-effective solution to fulfil your needs and requirements.


In this blog, we will explore some of the best small house extension ideas, with a special focus on Dunster House Addroom garden extensions that can transform your home!


W3m x D3m

If you're in need of a little more space than what you've currently got, Our Addroom 3 x 3 range is the perfect solution. These compact and versatile garden room extensions are designed to provide that extra room you need, without the hassle and expense of a full-scale brick extension. With a 3 x 3 footprint, these Addrooms offer a snug yet comfortable space that can be customised to suit your specific needs for a garden office, gym, lounge, dining area and more.

addroom garden room extension

Shop our Addroom W3m x D3m range


W4m x D3m and W5m x D3m

If you require a bit more room than the 3 x 3 Addroom offers, the 4 x 3 and 5 x 3 options are excellent choices. These slightly larger garden room extensions provide even more space to bring your ideas to life. With a wider footprint, you can create a more spacious environment for various purposes, whether it's a roomy home office, an entertainment space, or a combination of both.

addroom garden room burgundy brick

Shop our Addroom W4m x D3m range


Flipped Addroom versions

The flipped versions of the Addroom (3 x 4 and 3 x 5) offer an innovative twist on the traditional rectangular design. These configurations are ideal if you have limited space along the side of your house but are used for houses what have a little more depth to work with down the side. The added depth in these garden room extensions can provide more layout flexibility, making them suitable for whatever you’ve got in mind!


These flipped designs don’t need to go on the side of a house! If you’re looking for something a little different to add to the back of your property, these might be the perfect option if you want the doors opening at the side instead of the front.


addroom garden room extension alternative

Shop Our Addroom Modular Range


Addroom Construction Time

When it comes to construction time, Addrooms DIY extensions typically offer a significant advantage compared to traditional brick house extensions. The difference in construction time is one of the key benefits that make Addrooms an attractive option for homeowners seeking additional space. Oh, did I mention they are a more affordable and cost-effective too? Let’s check out how an Addroom construction time compares to that of a brick extension:


Quick Installation: Addrooms are designed to be modular and a more efficient garden room, which means they can be installed relatively quickly, depending on the specific size and customisation you choose. An Addroom can often be ready for use within just 2-3 days, rather than months. If you choose to have external and internal electrics added, this may differ, but will be much quicker compared to having a whole brick extension constructed.


Minimal Disruption: The construction process for Addrooms is less disruptive to your daily life. Since these garden room extensions are often pre-fabricated and designed with the DIYer in mind for a simple, quick installation. And with the help of our pre-constructed panels, there's less mess, noise, and disturbance compared to a traditional brick construction!


Predictable Schedule: Addroom construction follows a more predictable schedule. Weather conditions will have less of an impact on the timeline as you’ll be able to get more done In one day, meaning you’ll have a better estimate of when your new conservatory alternative will be up and ready.


Insulation Options: Insulation is a crucial aspect of any home extension, ensuring that your new space is comfortable great for all year round use. With our Addroom house extension alternatives, insulation comes as standard feature, already included. This means that your Addroom conservatory alternative will come fully equipped with high-grade insulation right from the start, offering you the option to use the room all year round.


Unlike some conservatories which can be too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, the Addroom’s® roof, walls and flooring are highly insulated for year-round use – The roof is made from 65mm thick sandwich panels which helps prevent the greenhouse effect often experienced with a conservatory.


Windows & Doors: It's good to mention that when you purchase an Addroom, uPVC windows are supplied as standard. Unlike a brick extension, where you'll have to buy the windows and doors separately from a supplier or from the builder, meaning there’s much more cost compared to an Addroom.



Brick House Extensions

Extended Construction Period: Traditional brick house extensions involve a more time-consuming construction process. It can take several months, and sometimes even longer, depending on the complexity of the project.


Weather Dependency: Weather conditions can significantly impact the construction timeline for brick extensions. Rain, snow, or extreme temperatures can cause delays and extend the completion date, especially if you need to screed the flooring, this may take time depending on temperature.


Greater Disruption: The construction of a brick extension often leads to more significant disruption to your daily life. Dust, noise, and the presence of construction workers can be more intrusive during the building process compared to an addroom only taking a maximum of 3 days.


Permit and Inspection Delays: Obtaining permits and scheduling inspections for a brick extension can introduce additional delays to the construction timeline compared to you needing


Insulation Options: Adding insulation to a brick extension can significantly increase the total cost of your project. This is because insulation materials are expensive. Also factoring in the labour required for installation can be more time-consuming and skill-intensive, and in some cases, structural alterations may be necessary. All these factors contribute to making insulation in a brick extension a costly choice.


This is why many people opt for an Addroom extension as a cost-effective conservatory alternative, thanks to its pre-fabricated panelled walls and a range of other benefits, such as versatility and quick installation.


In summary, Addrooms offer a quicker and more streamlined construction process compared to brick house extensions. The modular design and efficient construction methods make Addrooms an appealing choice for homeowners looking to gain extra space without enduring the extended construction timeline and disruption associated with traditional brick extensions.


Why not shop our Addroom collection and find out all our features and benefits of choosing an Addroom! Or alternatively, check out our 30 second clip about our Addrooms for more inspiration and ideas on how you could benefit from one!

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