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Understanding Floor Insulation

Our floor insulation is supplied as a 25mm polyurethane board that is to be suspended below the floor boards with the use of insulation clips. The unique insulation clip has been designed to enable insulation boards to be installed easily and rapidly between timber joists without the need for nails, screws, or battens. They provide a way of securing the insulation with as little fuss as possible, and holding it firmly in place.
Cut insulation boards to fit tightly between the floor bearers. Push the clips into the edge of the insulation at 1000mm intervals along the long edge of the board, with the flat edge of the clip sitting on the face of the board. Fit the insulation tightly between the bearers, and push down so that the base of the clip is level with the face of the floor bearer.


Please note: If you have already built your product and wish to purchase floor insulation, you will need to take up the floor boards in order to fit it. This is not possible on DualTherm/TripleTherm Log Cabins which have already been built.