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What are the features of a Dunster House Thatched Gazebo?

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thatched gazebo in the garden

Our Thatched Gazebos present the perfect showcase for any garden environment. Expertly crafted and constructed to the very highest standard using the finest timber, which we pressure treat to ensure the Thatched Gazebo is protected from the elements, guaranteeing your satisfaction for many years to come.




All timber for the African Thatched Gazebo (except deck boards, table surface and bench seat) are round. Our Thatched Gazebos are constructed using 160mm main posts which are used to give a solid structure and a chunky look and feel to your Gazebo. The thickness of the logs we use creates a sturdier and safer product designed to stand the test of time. We have found that many of our competitor’s gazebos usually supply posts of 100-125mm, with some offering 150mm at an additional charge, never the 160mm that we supply as standard.


All of our classic thatched gazebos are pressure treated to prevent cracking, decay and insect infestation. This incredible high quality treatment allows you to place your new Hexagonal thatched gazebo directly on to grass - providing they are concreted down. However, we do not recommend this option as this damages the timber. But we do have a solution for this, our RapidPad foundations.


gazebo steel foundation

Our RapidPad foundations offer a quick and easy levelling system with minimum digging out and a beautiful finish to your building. If, however, you are looking at installing a Thatched Gazebo we supply, as standard, 5mm thick Hot Dipped Galvanised Brackets that sit underneath the main posts and allow you to attach your Dunster House African Thatched Gazebo to an existing concrete slab. For more information on our foundation system please click here


thatched roof gazebo

The thatch we use is genuine African Cape Reed Thatch for authenticity. It clips easily to the roof structure and is easy to install. We use a mixture of Heavy Duty and Standard tiles finished off with a Top Cone.  The use of traditional and authentic building materials adds to the overall charm and serenity the Thatched Gazebos exhibits.



thatched gazebo wood posts

Our Roof Frames are hot dipped Galvanised with a guarantee against structural failure for 10 years. Galvanisation is a lot better and more expensive form of protecting metal than zinc plating or simply painting the frame as some other companies do.


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