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What do I need to know about my delivery?

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Help us to help you. 


As much as we'd love to arrive by magic carpet to present you with your goods during your lunch hour, we have to work within our limits. At Dunster House, our formula is uncommon – we supply an unrivalled range of quality products at startlingly low-end prices. Unfortunately, such efficiency at unbeatable value means we cannot stretch to providing a Rolls Royce, red carpet, white-gloved delivery to your chosen place of assembly just in time for you to catch the lunchtime headlines. Our niche lies in creating excellently crafted products at affordable prices and to keep these consistently low we have little choice but to forego certain frills such as providing predicted delivery times, personal delivery crews, or hourly telephone updates to keep you informed on your delivery's progress*. What we do offer is a simple yet sufficient delivery service that unites you with your excellent purchase on the specified date.


We rely upon somebody being at home between 8.30am and 6.00pm on the day of delivery.

We know you're busy people. We know you have work commitments, school runs and appointments to uphold. That's why we personally arrange a delivery date that is convenient for you. When the big day arrives, we might all hope for a clear run, wish earnestly for the traffic to dissipate and keep our fingers crossed tightly that all our other deliveries run smoothly. Yet sometimes lady luck forgets to smile on us. We meet a tailback on the motorway and have to change our route unexpectedly. Though you might have been first in line for your delivery, you've now skidded well into third place. Thank goodness we didn't promise to be there before your elevenses.

*Wondering whether you have time to pop out to the corner shop before the vehicle arrives? In order to provide as much information as possible, we do give you the opportunity to monitor the progress of delivery vehicles live on the day of delivery, via the internet, on our website's customer sign-in area, if you have your order details.


We require someone capable to unload the delivery by hand with the help of the driver.  


'Capable' is a relative term, we grant you. While some customers see fit to round up the local rugby team for the smooth transition of their goods, others count being able to make it to the van without a tea break as validation of their strength. Well, we're not asking for superheroes, just able-bodied assistance (capable of lifting heavy items of up to 25kg) and for the record – anyone who's unwell, infirm or about to give birth should be politely excused from this exercise. You think we're stating the obvious? Our drivers only wish we were – which begs the question; would you send your granny to unload a log cabin? Send your heavily expectant wife to cart a ten-foot climbing frame? We know you're out there and we only hope you'll give some deeper thought to the definition of DIY.


We offer kerbside delivery.

Not 'round the back of the house and up the garden path' delivery. All our customers mean a lot to us and we hate to keep any of them waiting unnecessarily. While we understand your eagerness to get your purchase into place, our drivers not only have extremely busy schedules but are also eternally subjected to 'Big Brother' style scrutiny which (to meet legal health regulations) records their every working movement from dusk 'till dawn. There is only a certain amount of time before their vehicle tachograph strikes 'stop' and they turn into pumpkins, which is why we simply cannot afford them the luxury of finding a permanent home for each load they handle. Let them drop where they stop so they're free to get on with the next delivery and keep customer delays to a minimum. Just think of it as a kind of next-in-queue karma that's designed to keep everyone happy.


Please Note: * If there is not someone there present to receive the goods a re-delivery charge will be applied.
Please Note: * If you wish to pay extra for someone to help you unload please contact our sales department on 01234 272445.

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