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What Is The Best Quality Shed?


Having been experts in the home and lifestyle industry for over 25 years, Dunster House know how to make a garden shed. When you are looking for a new shed, there are a number of factors that you need to consider or that you might not have thought about, that are important to keep in mind when researching your shed purchase. Here is our guide on the things to look out for so you know you are buying the best quality shed.


Depending on the size of shed you require and what you intend to use it for, as well as the extent of your budget, there is still a huge range of types of garden shed that you have to choose between. We can make it easier for you.


How do you know if a shed will last? 
In order to know whether or not the shed you are looking into buying is of good quality, you should be sure that it is made from a high quality, durable timber. Dunster House sheds are manufactured using exclusively slow-grown spruce timber, which is significantly stronger than other timbers such as pine. It is also less likely to develop knots or sap, which is what really shows the quality. 

As well as the type of timber use to make the shed, another important factor is the method of treatment applied. All Dunster House sheds are pressure treated on manufacture, meaning that they are less likely to dry out, warp, crack or split. It also means less maintenance, but if a clear treatment is applied on a yearly basis, your shed will really last. Being pressure treated, are sheds also all come with a 10-year guarantee against rot and insect infestation.


What is the Best Quality Shed? - Slow Grown Spruce Timber


Are tongue and groove sheds better than shiplap?


Another factor that you might want to consider when choosing your shed is the way it is put together. 


It is difficult to say which is better – tongue and groove or shiplap- as they both have many benefits. Tongue and groove sheds tend to be stronger and more secure, whereas shiplap panel sheds are an easy build and very weather resistant. Again, which factors are more important to you will help you to decide on your shed. Dunster House offer a range of both types of shed, all of a much higher quality than some of the competition.


Some sheds are ‘tongue and groove’ or ‘log sheds’, meaning that the design allows the individual timbers to lock together to build the walls up. The timber pieces fit together flawlessly while still allowing for the natural movement of the spruce.


What is the Best Quality Shed? - Interlocking Tongue and Groove Walls


A shiplap shed is also a good option, and the parts come in panels meaning it takes less time to put together. The boards overlap, meaning that the natural timber can expand and contract with the seasons. The curve or channel of shiplap cladding applied with a good quality water repellent enables water to run off easily.


What is the Best Quality Shed? - Shiplap Cladding


Take a look at Our Shed Range


Do you need windows on your shed?


Depending on what you are planning to use your shed for, you may want one of the features to be windows. If you are not installing any lighting, you might need at least one window to be able to find things inside even in daylight. 


If you are looking at sheds with windows, you will need to be sure that the windows are internally beaded, to ensure that they can not be removed from the outside. Further to this, you might prefer to have the 4mm toughened glass provided on Dunster House sheds, as opposed to Perspex supplied on the sheds of some of our competitors, which is more likely to bend or shatter.


What is the Best Quality Shed? - We use Real Glass in our Shed Windows        What is the Best Quality Shed? - We Don't use Cheap Styrene Glazing



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