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Dunster House Ltd.
Established 1994
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Why Buy From Dunster House?
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We’re a successful family-run company established in 1994 and one of the UK’s premier suppliers of log cabins and other wooden garden buildings.

As one of the leading manufacturers in our industry, we’re very proud of the range of products that we sell, the quality of the materials that we use and the unique features that we build in.



All our products are unique to Dunster House

We design all our products in-house and have them manufactured by dedicated factories to the highest standards and the best value for money.


We offer a wide range of attractive, premium quality garden products, which have been carefully planned, rigorously tested and built to last.


We have our own fleet of vehicles

To make sure our products and services deliver on quality, reliability and value for money, we rely on others as little as possible. This is why we have dedicated and specialist teams in every area of the business, including delivery. 

We aim is to deliver your products securely, with a focus on reliability. We believe the best way of doing this is by delivering the products ourselves, so in almost all cases, we use our very own ever-growing fleet of delivery vehicles. This allows us a greater degree of control over maintaining high standards. We only use courier services for small items such as small climbing frames and accessories.



Open 7 days a week and have our own show sites

Customers are always welcome to come and view our products for themselves. Our display areas offer you the chance to see and experience exactly what you’ll be getting.


Our showrooms ensure that you have an opportunity to see, touch and get a feel for our products before purchase. You can trust our word on this; it will be reassuring to know there’s no veil between what’s being offered on the internet and its reality.


We hold stock

This allows us to be more flexible with deliveries and give a faster turnaround.


Our Expert Sales Team

Our professional sales team is familiar with our wide range of products. They can supply you with a base plan, ensuring your product is exactly what you’re looking for.


Many of our products are viewable at our display sites, where our friendly salespeople will be able to provide you with a high-quality and reliable service.



We prototype our products in one of our factories first

We rigorously test our designs to ensure they're of the highest quality and that the design brief and purpose is completely fulfilled. Our customers are not guinea pigs, as we build prototypes of our products to make sure they will withstand practical use.


We are the manufacturers


At Dunster House, we pride ourselves on producing products of the highest quality across our entire range.


The family that owns Dunster House Ltd also own a number of production factories across Europe, fitted with the best equipment and the most experienced staff.


With our expertise and tight quality control in all of our factories we are able to ensure that our customers receive total satisfaction and the best value for money.


To find out more, visit our About Us page.



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