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Wooden Garden Pergola Ideas and Tips For Your Garden

Do you want to add a shaded area in your garden, but also a wow factor that will give all your neighbours something to talk about? A wooden pergola is something you might want to consider!

A wooden pergola is a structure that can provide you with a shaded area, that you can design with your own personal touch. Whether you have a modern, contemporary garden or something very traditional, a wooden pergola is sure to add some character to it and fit in perfectly. Here are our garden pergola ideas and tips to help you find the right structure for you.

Garden Pergola Ideas

When purchasing a structure for your garden, you want to be sure that you can create the vision you have. The great thing about a garden pergola is that they are so versatile, you are guaranteed to achieve that look you want! As long as the structure you are purchasing is strong, pressure treated and robust. 

Like with anything we all need some ideas and a little bit of inspiration before we add anything to our online basket. Here are a few of our suggestions on what you can use your garden pergola for and some decor ideas to really make it stand out! 

Garden Furniture Shelter 

We all love to sit in the garden whilst we sip on an ice cold drink and soak up some vitamin D. A pergola is a lovely addition to add over this area of your garden, giving your garden furniture a focal point. This setting is perfect when you are hosting a party or just socialising with your loved ones.

Garden Pergola Ideas

Pergola Gazebo

A pergola and a gazebo are somewhat similar to one another, so use a pergola in the same way. Many people use gazebos over their hot tub, BBQ station, cosy sofa area or even a little play area for your little ones. 

Garden Pergola Ideas

Garden Archway

The wonderful thing about a pergola is that they are suitable for even the smallest gardens! There come in so many different sizes that you are bound to find something to suit your garden size. A garden pergola is perfect for growing climbing plants, which can create a lovely scented garden archway.

Garden Pergola Ideas - Jasmine Garden Arch

Garden Bench

Gardens are a lovely place to enjoy a little fresh air, without the hustle and bustle of leaving your home. When the sun is shining bright and the birds are soaring through the clear blue sky, it is just the perfect atmosphere to escape and read a book.

Pergolas can come with a seating area, similar to a bench which is suitable for small gardens that haven't got the space for large garden furniture. A seated pergola is something you can transform into a really cosy, cute area with scattered cushions, fairy lights or even some climbing plants.

Garden Pergola Ideas - Jasmine Arbour Seat

Pergola Design Ideas - Make it YOUR garden centrepiece!

Once you have decided what you are going to use the pergola for, you then want to think about how you’re going to make it personal to you and your garden. 

Climbing Plants 

A wooden pergola is a plain garden structure that you can really personalise with some climbing plants. Wisteria or honeysuckle are the type of plants that you can start to grow up the large posts or lattice (depending on the design). 


Adding some glowing garden lights can really make your structure pop as the sun sets in the evening. Placing lights across the edging or wrapped around your posts really gives your garden a feeling of warmth, which is ideal if you love sitting in your garden all evening with your loved ones! 


Curtain drapes flowing in the breeze is a nice touch to introduce to your structure. Curtains can give it a pop of colour and add warmth to the area. If you live in an open space and you want to have a little privacy, curtains are useful for this too. 

There are so many things you can add to make your wooden garden pergola stand out! Other ideas we have are: 

  • Hanging baskets
  • Paper lantern
  • Artifical plants​

Quick Tips!

Before you make you choose your garden pergola, we want to give you some quick tips on what features to look out for: 

  • Fully pressure treated
  • Pre Notched rafters for easy assembly
  • Fitting and fixtures included 
  • No requirement for planning permission 
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