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Dunster House!

We’re a family run business established in 1994 and one of the UK’s premier suppliers of log cabins and other wooden garden buildings.

As one of the leading retailers of Garden Buildings in the UK, we’re very proud of the range of products that we sell, the quality of the materials that we use and the unique features that we build in. All our products are designed in-house and manufactured to the highest standards and best value for money. We even deliver them direct to you on our own fleet of vehicles.

Our fantastic range includes climbing frames, garden offices, sheds, greenhouses, summer houses and all that you can possibly need to bring your garden to life, while enhancing your family’s lifestyle.

Dunster House is not just another faceless online company. You can visit us and have a cup of tea at any one of our four UK sites in Bedford, Flixborough, Warminster or Kent and see the quality of our products yourself. If you’ve got any queries, please give us a call or send us an email via our contact us page.
Installation advert We are the UK’s largest retailer of Garden Buildings & Climbing Frames and sell to tens of thousands of customers each year and a good number of those customers ask us for more options when it comes to installing our products.

At the moment we only offer our own, very good, in-house installation option utilising our own directly employed and trained installers, but there are some limitations both geographically and with the ranges of products we install, which gives a great opportunity for other installers to advertise their own installation services.

For example, we do not install any of our products in Scotland, but we do sell to and deliver to Scotland.

We also do not install the following ranges of products in any location;
Climbing frames, Otteridge and Utopia Gazebos, Arbours, Isabel Shelters, Pergolas, Hot tubs, and humanitarian products.

So we are looking for third parties to advertise their installation services for Scotland/these products so that our customers can easily find someone to install for them.

Once this is running smoothly for Scotland and other products we are then looking at expanding the possibilities so that third party installations can be advertised on all products and locations so that our customers have yet more options.

We are looking to achieve a best of all worlds scenario with the advertising of your services. For the installer, you want to have good quality leads at a very reasonable cost, only pay for actual leads and not displaying an advert, and only advertise for the products and postcode areas that you want to install for; the customers want to have a quick and accurate indication of price, as many options as possible, and some knowledge about the installers in the form of reviews; and we want to generate advertising revenue and increase the number of customers we sell to by offering them alternative installation options, without giving out other Companies details before customers have committed to buying the products from us, which will help to keep advertising costs to the installers down and make this viable.

To achieve this the advertisements will not be simple banner adverts, they will dynamically change to reflect the information the customer inputs on our web-site and relate this to a pricing matrix that you, the installer will have filled in. Once the customer selects their postcode and products, the web-site would compare these to your pricing matrix so that an indicative price can be shown to the customer for the installation along with a short written advert that you will have written. Then the customer selects any installer adverts that they are interested in and once they order the products we will send the customers contact details to any installers they have chosen. Then it’s up to you to contact the customer and sell your installation service to them, which should be made all the easier by the fact that they have already committed to buying the goods from us and also already have a good indicative price from you. We will also send your contact details to the customer (providing they have given us their e-mail address).

So the only leads we will send to you, and the only leads you will pay for, will be from a customer that has selected the products and postcode that you want to offer your installation service for, AND who has actively selected your advert, AND who has already ordered our products, AND who already knows roughly what you will charge. With such strong leads you really should have no problems in selling your installation service to them once we send you their contact details.

See below an illustration to show how the adverts are likely to look on our pages:

Installation advert

In order to be able to display the adverts in this way you will need to fill in a pricing matrix that we will send to you when you contact us. This matrix will give the price to install each type of product and the postcodes that you cover and the opportunity to differentiate costs based upon postcode.

When using our web-site our customers input their postcode and select the products they would like to buy, when they do this the web-site will compare their products and postcode to the pricelist database that you have filled in and give them an indicative price as they are ordering. Up to 3 different installers will be shown if the products selected and postcode entered is covered by more than one installer.

You will notice that we are not displaying your Company name or contact details within the advert these will only be given to customers at the point of them ordering products from us, at which point we will also give their contact details to you.

We will bill you on a monthly basis at £7.50 + VAT per customer contact details that we e-mail to you. We may change this in future to either a bidding system or a different flat rate but would give you at least one months notice of any change in this price.

If you would like to find out more about this and advertise your services with us then please e-mail us at installers@dunsterhouse.co.uk for more details and terms.