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A Space to Create

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  • Product: Rhine 500 4m x 5m (Double Glazed)
  • Category: Log Cabin
  • Year Purchased: 2013
  • Tags: Recreation, Arts & Crafts

A Space to Create

The outside of Alison Donaldson's Dunster House garden building

This case study looks at Alison Donaldson, a legal audio typist with a love for all things crafts. Alison transformed our Rhine 500 into a space to indulge her vast array of hobbies, which include arts, sewing, dressmaking, photography, blogging and collecting vintage items. Here's her story.

Space for a vast array of hobbies

As someone who self-admittedly has, "…too many hobbies!", Alison's first and foremost reason for buying a Dunster House garden building was the need for a space to create in.

"My arty crafty room was too small for all of my hobbies", said Alison. "Buying the cabin meant I could have a bigger space, my son could then have a bigger bedroom (using what used to be my craft room), which freed up his room to use for guests."

Choosing a Dunster House garden building

A trip to Dunster House proved to be all that was needed to find the perfect garden building. "(The cabin was) good value," said Alison, "and the design and size …were exactly what I wanted/needed for the space we had for it."

The service offered by our team also helped Alison make her decision, with her describing it as: "Very good."


The building process

When it came to creating Alison's perfect space, building the cabin was arguably the easiest part of the process. "(It took) about a week, I think, including painting", said Alison. "(It took) much longer though to find homes for all my stuff!"

Alison had a design in mind for the space before the project started – however, the plan didn't take into account any new purchases. "I planned the space using my existing furniture and then added in more where I could!"

The project was also somewhat limited by budget, with Alison only able to insulate the ceiling and floors, despite now working from home.

Regardless of this, the finished cabin is a delightfully eclectic and cosy space, perfect for whiling away the hours crafting, writing or simply relaxing.

The interior design of Alison Donaldson's garden building showing storage space for her hobbies

The perfect hobby space

When asked what reactions people have had to her cabin, Alison joked: "“What a lot of stuff you have, why don't you do a car boot sale!” Not that many people have seen inside because it isn't very often tidy!"

However, the cabin has finally provided her with the space she needs for her hobbies – as well as all of the bits and bobs that go with them.

In the future, Alison has plenty of plans to make her retreat even more perfect. "Eventually I would like to paint the remaining bare wood inside baby pink… (and add a) veranda and decking outside."

When asked if she would work with Dunster House she replied: "Yes definitely. I also recommended you to my mum and dad who now have their own garden retreat!"

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